Verold Studio makes it easy to create highly engaging interactive experiences, using 3D, video and audio that integrate seamlessly into the open web.

Verold Studio 3D Editor

The Verold Studio editor is inspired by offline toolkits like Flash and Unity, but delivered over the web. There is nothing to install, simply load up Verold Studio in a modern browser and get to work. The power of a native platform, with the ease of use and instant deployment of the open web.

Showcase Projects vs Three.js Projects

Verold Studio can be used in two modes: Showcase mode allows CG artists and 3D enthusiasts to quickly create 3D presentations from their 3D content. No coding required. Three.js App mode allows content developers to add scripts using the Three.js library, and integrate their 3D scenes seamlessly with external web content. Your Showcase can be published to an embeddable player, just like Youtube. Try it out:

Three.js Projects can be loaded into any web content using the Verold Loader API. See for example:

Leverage existing 3D pipelines

Verold Studio accepts your 3D assets, whether sourced from a marketplace, from an artist, or from a 3D scan. Simply drag and drop your 3D models and animations to upload them to Verold Studio. We’ll optimize them for speedy rendering in the browser. All major transfer formats are supported, including FBX, Collada, OBJ for professional content, and PLY, STL for 3D scan data. For maps, we support Diffuse, AO, Normal, Specular and Emissive maps.

  • FBX
  • Collada
  • OBJ
  • STL
  • PLY

Powerful visual tools

Once your content is loaded up, use our powerful visual tools to lay out your scenes exactly as you want them to look.

Material Editor

Material editor

You can get the exact look you want using our material editor and library of built-in materials. This is the jewel of the Verold platform, an easy to use uber-shader system that helps you create anything from simple materials to sophisticated effects like realistic skin or two-tone car paint. All materials use physically-based rendering, gamma-correction and 'Filmic' tone-mapping to make your scene look as amazing as possible.


You can bake lighting from your content creation tools, or use our real-time, physically-based lighting system to get exactly the look you want. Your scenes come setup with an ambient light and two directional lights ('main' and 'fill' lights) but you can add more lights as needed. Try out our rendering filters and apply bloom, depth-of-field (DOF), and screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO) to your projects.

Lighting Editor

Sophisticated Behaviour Tools

Static scenes are boring. Bring your content to life using our suite of behaviour tools. Whether you push polys or write code, you’ll be delighted to see what you can make happen.

Interactivity Editor


Use the EventHandler and built-in components to add interactivity without writing code. Have your scene react to mouse clicks, keypresses, or any other interaction.


When you’re ready to write code, we’ve got a component-entity model for you to work from, built on top of the familiar Three.js library. Easily hook custom scripts to objects in your scene.

Lighting Editor
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Online and collaborative

Verold Studio is a collaborative editor, allowing you to invite your team members or stakeholders to work with you or for feedback. Think of it like Google Docs for your 3D content!

Done? Publish right away

When your project is done, publish it for the world to see. Either through our Showcase viewer, or seamlessly integrated with the code of your site.

Publishing Diagram

Showcase Viewer

Our Showcase Viewer lets you embed your 3D project anywhere on the web, as easy as embedding a Youtube video. You can share on your own site, or through one of our many integrations with sites like CG Society, deviant Art, Polycount, Behance, Facebook, and many others.

API & Cloud Hosting

The same infrastructure that powers our community site and Showcase viewer is also available through our runtime API, allowing you to seamlessly pull your 3D scenes and assets from Verold into your web content. Add 3D to any canvas on your webpage; seamless, responsive, and scalable.

Welcome to the community!

We’re a small team trying to literally change the face of the web. We couldn’t do it without an active community of artists, developers, and 3D enthusiasts. Welcome to the community, we’re looking forward to seeing what you create on the Verold platform!

Community Gallery


Our community platform is free for personal use, and through our community gallery we’re giving you a way to show off your latest work and be inspired by others.
Explore community projects.


Discover templates, models, animations, textures, materials, and more in Verold’s extensive built-in asset library. Built for the community by the community.

Asset Library

Verold For Business

The Verold platform is built to scale. We’re working with leading content producers to define the next generation of interactive content. Join the revolution.

White Label Showcase Player

For Businesses uploading and showing off 3D models and simple scenes, we offer a white label Showcase viewer. In conjunction with our batch upload service, this can be used to power even large sites with a steady flow of 3D content to be displayed interactively.

Business Services

If you’re a business or agency building 3D applications or marketing campaigns, Verold offers premium support for our platform, as well as professional services to ensure that your project is successful. 3D content creation, web design/development, pipeline setup, as well as training and premium support.

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Power of the Open Web

We’ve introduced you to the core feature set of the Verold platform, but that just scratches the surface of what is possible. When you use Verold, you are building for the open web. You get ALL the benefits that derive from that choice. Your Verold projects are pure HTML/CSS/Javascript, and play nicely with any web API that you want to hook in. Whether that be your analytics package, data feeds, devices like Leap Motion or Oculus VR, or literally any other web content you want. And you have the confidence to know that your content is built on industry standard web technologies that will run on any device, desktop, phone, tablet, smart TV, or console.

Join thousands of Verold users and start enhancing your web content today.

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