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The power of a native platform, with the ease of use and instant deployment of the open web. The Verold Studio editor is inspired by offline toolkits like Flash and Unity, but delivered over the web. There is nothing to install. Simply load up the Verold Studio in a modern browser and get down to business.


Choose the Mode That's Right For You

Verold Studio lets artists, designers, and enthusiasts turn 3D models and animations into interactive 3D presentations that can be run in our embeddable player. Or sign up to the Developer Program for access to the Javascript developer tools in Verold Studio.

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Embeddable 3D Player

Verold Studio makes it easy to upload and share your 3D models and animations in interactive 3D. Use Verold's powerful material and scene tools to get exactly the look you want, then share on the web using the embeddable player.

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Developer Program

Javascript developers can sign up to the Developer Program, which opens up the scripting editor and advanced publishing options in Verold Studio. Build interactive 3D scenes in Verold, then integrate with your web application.

Tour Verold Studio

Want to see Verold Studio in action? Check out this short video tour to see how you can use Verold to make your own interactive 3D web experiences.

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Verold Studio Features

Material editor2

Material Editor

You can get the exact look you want using Verold's material editor and library of built-in materials. The jewel of the Verold platform, this is an easy to use uber-shader system that helps you create anything from simple materials to sophisticated effects like realistic skin or two-tone car paint. All materials use physically-based rendering, gamma-correction and 'Filmic' tone-mapping to make your scene look as amazing as possible.


Lighting and Filters

You can bake lighting from your content creation tools, or use Verold's real-time, physically-based lighting system to get exactly the look you want. Your scenes come setup with an ambient light and two directional lights, but you can add more lights as needed. Try out the rendering filters and apply bloom, depth-of-field (DOF), and screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO) to your projects.



Import any FBX, OBJ, Collada, PLY, or STL file. Verold Studio accepts your 3D assets, whether sourced from a marketplace, from an artist, or from a 3D scan. Simply drag and drop your 3D models and animations to upload and let Verold optimize them for speedy rendering in the browser.



Many interactive projects involve more than one person making communication between those working together highly important. Verold Studio is a collaborative editor, allowing you to invite your team members or stakeholders to work with you directly, or help by providing feedback and notes.


Events and Behaviours

Use the Event Handler and built-in components to add interactivity without writing any code. Have your scene react to mouse clicks, keypresses, or any other interaction.


Scripting With Three.js

Easily hook-up custom scripts to objects in your scene and take direct control of your 3D scene. Verold uses a component-entity model for you to work from, built on top of the open source Three.js library.

Asset library

Asset Library

Maybe someone else has already built the functionality you're looking for. Discover templates, models, animations, textures, materials, and more in Verold’s integrated asset library. Built for the community by the community.


Community Gallery

Make use of the community gallery to show off your latest 3D work. Share your work on social networks, embed your work in other sites, and be inspired by what others are doing.

Verold For Business

Join leading content producers like Amazon, Pearson Education, and CG Society and define the next generation of interactive content. The Verold platform is built to scale.

White Label Publishing

The easiest way to show off your 3D models and scenes is by uploading them into Verold's Showcase Viewer. White Label Publishing gives you control over the branding of your viewer to use your own logo to label it.

API + Export

Verold's cloud hosting solution provides scalable delivery of interactive 3D elements for businesses and agencies building custom web applications that use interactive 3D. You can optionally export your projects to your own servers and host the content yourself.

Premium Support

If you need help with concepts, prototyping, development, optimization, web design, or even pipeline design and content management, Verold offers professional services to help ensure that your project is successful.

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