10 Best Flowers For Summer Weddings

Bright greens, Lovely purples and Buttery yellow pay up their tributes to this romantically carefree time of the year. Summer wedding flowers evoke the sunny days and clear skies with their mesmerizing scents. With their prettiest colors and the unique shape and texture, these freshest blossoms have so much to offer. But it requires some skills and a trained eye to choose the ones that suit your wedding theme and budget.

For your bridal bouquet, make a combination of the summer seasonal flowers that are available all around the year like lilies, roses, orchids, gerbera daisies, anthuriums and other tropical flowers. You can order any of these with a cheap flower delivery uk. Besides, here’s a list of the best buds for your summer wedding.

  1. Roses : The most romantic of all the flowers, roses signify extreme lust and passion. Roses are always a perfect choice to express your feelings, whether you wanna send love to your significant other or spoil your friend on her birthday or choosing them in your wedding bouquet, roses are an enduring symbol of love on any occasion.

  1. Hydrangeas : These flowers are available in a wide range of colors from white to pink, purple, green and blue and are extremely versatile. Hydrangeas are truly bountiful and offer you value for your money with an ideal arrangement or a bouquet.

  1. Gerbera Daisies : These are an year-round flowers that come in wide range of colors. These vibrant blooms surely add up cheer to your wedding, they’re great for the casual spring ceremonies and summer weddings. A bouquet of yellow roses, white gerbera daisies and billy buttons is just an amazing option for your big day.

  1. Spider mums : Spider mums are an excellent choice, often used in floral arrangements for their long lasting nature. With the long petals and narrow strands that cover entire face of the flower, these blooms are perfect for the wedding floral displays. They are not only cost effective, but also playful. Combining spider mums with exclusive flowers like white roses and freesia you can have a stunning bouquet.

  1. Orchids : Orchids are simple and elegant, giving a feminine touch to any bouquet or centerpiece. For a more feminine look try to mix up both pink and white orchids in the bouquet.

  1. Poppies : Poppies are available in a variety of colors. These bright blossoms with beautiful petals and wiry stems are easy and fun to work with adding a lush look to your bouquet or centerpiece. Pairing up poppies with ranunculus or tiny white daisies gives a stellar floral arrangement.

  1. Peonies : Peonies make a perfect wedding bouquet. These blooms are fragrant and romantic signifying good fortune and a blissful and happy marriage. Available in a wide range of colors from white to red, peonies are a bit pricey. You may get a beautiful bouquet with a soft mix of light pink peonies, white garden roses and sprigs of dusty miller.

  1. Cosmos : These flowers are small in size but make a huge impact in your bouquet. Adding these colorful blooms to your bouquet of wild flowers gives a bohemian vibe in your summer wedding flowers.

  1. Dahlias : Giving a rustic look with dahlias, eucalyptus and dusty miller, these blossoms are very popular and signify change for the newly weds. Dahlias are well-known for its bright colored single or double blooms.

  1. Lilies : Adding up a fragrant edition to your wedding, lilies are elegant in appearance and signify all that comes from passion to purity. Calla lilies are ever-popular among brides and signify true devotion, divinity and marital bliss. Since the blooms are large, you can get a huge impact in a smaller price.

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