10 Bright Ideas for an Undersized Flat

Do you have a small flat? That’s no reason not to think big! Follow these tips to turn your tiny apartment into a massive flat. Well, it won’t really get bigger, it’ll just look bigger. But we won’t tell anyone if you won’t.
First of all, we recommend getting professional advice if you plan to do a big overhaul of your flat. Asking the pros for help will get you the best results and will also allow you to be more aware of the potential budget for improvements or new furniture. It shouldn’t be very difficult to find a decoration firm in your area.

Let’s start with the walls. White will be your best ally to fight off that small room feeling. It is advisable to paint the walls white, or at least use pale colours like beige, and then use the room accessories to add more colour. Very light shades of other colours are a good option if you think white is too dull for you.

Rooms can have more than one purpose. For instance, it’s highly advisable to join the kitchen and the living room, so that you can use the rest of the space for other matters. Bedrooms with en-suite bathroom are a superb idea as well.
Make sure you use the same material for the floor of every room. This is a good way of creating a feeling of continuity. Different flooring may reinforce a compartmental sensation. A light colour is highly recommended for the same reason bright walls are.
Stay simple—though not simplistic!—in the textile department. Again, pale colours are the best choice for curtains to avoid creating an oppressive feeling to the room. This tip is also applicable to bed linen, although in this case you can make up for the lack of colourfulness by using coloured cushions.
Closets and wardrobes play a pivotal role, since they will pretty much determine where everything else will be placed. This is why the best choice is to take measurements of the room and have the furniture made accordingly. Once again, the colours chosen should follow the same guidelines as for the rest of the house.
Insufficient natural light and small spaces are bitter enemies. Make sure to have big windows installed to let enough light in. Use mirrors to make the most out of light and make spaces seem wider. They work just as well in living rooms and bedrooms.
Multi-purpose furniture can really open up spaces for you as they can help you reduce the amount of items in the room. Sofa beds or foldable kitchen tables are among the most common and have been making people’s life easier for decades.
These are just some small tips and hence should be regarded as very general guidelines, although they can really make a difference. We just hope you know what to do with so much free space!
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