10 Day Letter Of Appeal In Georgia

In Georgia, for those arrested for DUI in the state and looking for a DUI Lawyer in Atlanta, they have 10 business days from the start of their arrest to send in their appeal letter to stop the pending suspension of their licence or their privilege to drive in the state of Georgia. This letter is known as the 10 Day Appeal Letter in the state.

Who Should Submit the 10 Day Appeal Letter

– Any driver who refuses to submit to a state chemical test also commonly known as a breathalyzer test.
– Driver’s who hold a commercial driver’s license and were operating their motor vehicle in excess of a 0.04 gram alcohol level or higher.
– Driver’s who are under the age of 21 and submitted a chemical tests where the results were 0.002 or higher.

If a driver volunteers to a chemical test and blows under the legal limit for alcohol level than the arresting officer is not supposed to confiscate their license and return it to the driver on the spot. Many officers do not know of this rule and confiscate the license anyway. This is why it is important to submit a 10 Day Appeal Letter to make sure that your license is protected under the law.

How Do I Submit A 10 Day Appeal Letter

To submit the letter you will send it to the Georgia Department of Driver Services in Conyers, Georgia. Along with the letter you must include a check, money order, or cashier’s check in the amount of $150 and make it payable to the “State of Georgia Department of Driver Services”. It is recommended to include your date of birth, and license number on the check.

How Long Do I Have To Submit a 10 Day Appeal Letter?

You have 10 business days from the date of your arrest to submit the letter. Do not count the day of your arrest, weekends, or federal holidays. when taking into account those 10 days. As long as the letter is postmarked within 10 business days it does not matter when the letter arrives to the offices.

Is It Possible to Delete This Kind of Suspension
This is where a firm such as an Yeargan Barber & Kert can help out. A lawyer can help out and reduce your DUI to something such as Reckless Driving. As well if you are acquitted at trial than the suspension will be permanently removed from your driving record.