10 Reasons Why Car Park Operators Should Switch To LED Lighting Systems

Sick of walking into your car park and watching your lights drop and flicker at their own will? It’s likely that your customers are too. If you own a car park; make drivers feel more at home when they’re parking up in the area and increase its profitability to boot by getting your hands on some of the latest and greatest LED lighting fixtures.

We’ve put together a list that goes into a little more detail about the benefits of these products and why they are well-suited to car park facilities.

  • LEDs are guaranteed to lower your running costs. As energy bills continue to rise year on year, bringing down energy costs is a huge concern for businesses of all sizes. Car park owners generally do everything in their power to ensure they don’t have to pass these extra costs on to the customer, which is why more and more of them are exploring new technologies that don’t consume quite so much electricity. LED car park lighting has reduced energy bills by as much as 80% in the past.
  • LED fixtures will dramatically reduce C02 emissions. They’re quite simply perfect for companies focusing on improving their carbon footprint. If you light your entire car parking area around the clock you’ll be more than aware of the astronomical costs involved in running such powerful lights non-stop and probably won’t even want to consider what impact this has on the environment over time. LED car park lights consume just a fraction of the power of incandescent bulbs – if UK households could reduce their carbon footprints by 6 tonnes annually by making the switch, imagine how much you could be saving as a business every year.
  • These products require little to no maintenance.  LED fixtures look after themselves. As they’ve been developed using much more durable components, they’re virtually shock-resistant and a much tougher alternative to notoriously delicate halogen bulbs. Generally, you should experience savings of up to 98% on maintenance costs throughout a twelve month period.
  • LED fixtures have a much longer lifespan than their traditional counterparts. Tired of buying bulbs in bulk and replacing outdated fixtures? If you’re still using incandescent lighting methods, chances are you’re watching your cash flow take a hit as you struggle to replace each bulb as and when they burn out. LED car park lights will emit light for up to 100,000 hours – that means if you left your lights on continuously, you wouldn’t have to replace an LED fixture for up to 12 years! Under normal usage conditions, however, you can expect LED fixtures to last for approximately 30 years.
  • You and your customers will enjoy a brighter beam. Bright and unwavering beams have been proven to reduce crime rates in areas where more powerful lights are applied, which is why LED lights make perfect vandalism deterrent. LED fixtures won’t just cut out – they will fade very slightly over time, which means that once one starts to look a bit duller than the rest, you’ll know it’s time to think about a replacement.

There are other less-considered reasons why LED lighting is ideal for car parking spaces:

  • LED light fixtures provide even light distribution. LED lights are designed to throw light further for more even coverage. Best of all, they don’t flicker incessantly.
  • They don’t contain mercury.  Fluorescent lights contain a low-pressure mercury gas, which is then condemned to a landfill site after it’s reached the end of its life span, polluting the air and water of the surrounding area. LED lights are safer and will not have this impact on the environment, which means that, as a business owner, investing in LEDs is one step further towards lowering your carbon footprint.
  • They’re easy to install. The last thing you want to do is destroy your existing framework for the sake of your new lighting system. LED fixtures can be placed on your existing infrastructure.
  • Extra features can be installed into today’s products for enhanced functionality.
  • Microwave detectors, photocell light sensors and more can determine what time your lights are in operation and the movements that trigger them.
  • There are some truly inspirational lines available. We need to dispel the myth that LED lights are only available in drab, uniform colours – lots of different products are on the market now that the industry has grown as more and more people begin to invest in LED car park lighting. UK LED lighting manufacturers such as Gemma Lighting LTD are at the forefront of their industry and are regularly launching new lines of products that utilise the very latest ideas and innovations.

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