10 Smart Home Security Features To Protect Your Kids When You’re Away From Home

In an ideal world, your children would always be safe and sound, tucked away under your watchful eye. But there are times when you simply cannot be there. So you turn to babysitters or you decide to trust your teenager on their own for a night. However, you constantly worry that something will go wrong. Smart home security features can help you protect your family when you cannot.

1. A wireless driveway alarm stops intruders before they can even reach your house. With a wireless driveway alarm, your babysitter or teenager can be alerted to an intruder when the perimeter of your home is breached.

2. An IP security camera can monitor your home when you cannot. Discretely and wirelessly mounted almost anywhere, an IP camera sends a live feed through the internet so you can see what is presently happening on your property via a computer (such as when you are at work) or your smart phone.

3. A glass break sensor does exactly what its name suggests: senses when glass has been broken. Discretely placed on a window or glass door, the sensor can distinguish normal vibrations (walking around in the house, street traffic) from the vibration that occurs when glass is broken. When it detects the vibration of broken glass, it sets off an alarm, alerting the homeowner to the area of the break.

4. A complete home security system combines automated security features throughout the home with the ability to automatically contact you when there is a break-in. You can also program them to contact the police immediately.

5. A magnetic sensor can be placed on anything that opens, sounding an alarm when it does. This includes doors, cabinets and windows. If your babysitter is not paying attention, at least the alarm will let them know that your child is sneaking out the back door.

6. Imagine leaving your children with a babysitter on a nice sunny day when you know they will be playing outside. You worry that one may run off when the sitter is distracted. A child locator system can act as extra reassurance in case a child runs off or in a worst-case-scenario, is abducted.

7. Pool and swimming accidents are the #1 cause of death for children. If you are worried about a distracted babysitter, a pool alarm with a wristband water sensor can ease your fears.

8. A covert camera that doubles as a ceiling light is an inconspicuous tool that can help you make sure your most prized possessions are being properly cared for: your children.

9. Similar to the ceiling camera, a nanny camera with built in DVR such as those that are inconspicuously built into wall clocks can help you place extra trust in your babysitter.

10. Although you may be away from your children, fire risk is still present. Do not ignore the importance of multiple working smoke detectors in your home.

When not worrying about safety and smart home tech, Ryan Tiberti can be found designing the latest home automation iPhone software or thinking up new gear to add to a home.

Ryan Tiberti is the owner of the security systems and home automation company Home Automation Labs in Las Vegas, Nevada. When not helping people secure their homes from intruders he likes to cook and work out.