10 Steps To Invent A Product Idea

10 Steps To Invent A Product Idea

 If you think that you have it in you to invent a product then here are the steps you will want to follow:

1)      Come up with the idea: The most important thing is the first step. This is where you imagine your product and come up with help invention ideas. But you may only have a vague idea of the product. You will need to give it a solid form so that you can create a model or blueprint.

2)      Brainstorm: To come up with a unique idea, you will want to brainstorm. You can do it alone or with someone you trust (such as a family member). Identify your area of expertise and think what you can really create. With proper brainstorming you can make the idea click.

3)      Finalize the idea: Brainstorming may lead to several ideas. Shortlist 2-3 ideas and then think which one would be the best for you. It is important to choose the idea that you are confident about. You should be able to carry it a long way. You will want to convert it into a product.

4)      Research: The next step would be to find out if your idea is actually unique. It’s a big world we live in and it is possible someone might have already thought of it. Search the internet thoroughly with the proper keywords. You can also search the list of the patents to find out if anyone already has that kind of idea.

5)      Patent the idea: Once you have come up with the idea and found out that it is original and never been done before, the next step would be to get it patented. A patent would mean no one can steal the idea for commercial purposes. Search online and see how you can get the idea patented.

6)      Hire the attorney for patent: You may get some really invaluable help invent from the patent attorney. They do charge a lot of money but they also have the deep knowledge of the patent process. Therefore, they will be able to get you through it rather easily.

7)      Create a prototype: This how you begin to convert the idea into a material form (into a tangible product). The great ideas help invent the product but they must be realized. Design a prototype of your idea. A working model will is required to make the people believe that the idea actually works.

8)      Make a presentation:  Once you have the prototype ready the next step would be to present it to the investors and manufacturers. You will also need to create a presentation for the buyers. Make a professional presentation with images and diagrams.

9)      Present the idea: The next step would be to present the idea to the people who matter. Investors and manufacturers will convert your idea into a real product. So create a presentation for them.

10)   Advertise: Once your product is in production you will need to start advertising it. Advertising will make the people aware of your product. Hence, you will be able to get it sold.

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