10 Tips To Maximize Space In Small Apartments

10 Tips To Maximize Space In Small Apartments

Today, one of the biggest problems in homes is the lack of space. When wanting to acclimate a small apartment we find the urgent need to look visually enlarge each of the environments to which we must use all resources.

If your apartment is too small, you may think that it will be a difficult task because the options are reduced; however, it is easier than you think.

  1. First of all you should focus on optimizing the space intelligently. One way of doing is creating additional storage places and clearing the area around to make it look wider.
  2. Focus on the social area of the house to make it look more spacious. One way to achieve this is to minimize the amount of furniture. A three-seater sofa and puff might be suitable. Two side tables would be better than one in the middle of the room. Similarly, is the design of the furniture is light and simple lines. If possible, try the furniture have an extra space to store things.
  3. If you want to place a TV, try mounting directly on the wall, thus you don’t have to add an extra piece of furniture. Use floating shelves to place the sound system and your ornaments.
  4. In the kitchen can place several shelves to store only the necessary items. You can also have a folding table that extends only when required.
  5. The mirrors are classics in small environments, as they give the feeling of spaciousness, especially if you put them on the wall opposite the window.
  6. Less is more. Maybe you really want to show off your medals, diplomas, family photos and mementos. Do not do it! Small spaces require simplicity; often choose only one element will be much more effective than putting everything at once.
  7. Paint most of the walls and ceiling white or a very light color. Paint the walls, dark or vibrant shades only increase the tightness. You can give color and joy notes with furniture, cushions or plants.
  8. It is better to choose plain or with lines for curtains, sofa and chair fabrics. This will help extend the space. As a general rule, if the walls are painted white or subtle colors, fabrics can be more daring. On the contrary, if the walls have a more intense color or have used a drawing in them, you must choose simple and plain fabric curtains
  9. Another option is to use organizers or furniture that can be placed on the walls. Surely you can find a bookcase, a cornerback or a ledge to place those important and necessary things in your living room.
  10. Lamps and sculptural lamps: instead of the traditional side tables with sofas, and to save space, place a lamp or some table lamps shaped circles with them a proportion is achieved right between ambient light and spotlight.

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