10 Top Tips To Hiring A Van

Renting a van is slightly different than hiring a car. However bear in mind our 10 top tips to renting a van and you will soon get to grips with your new vehicle

  1. If this is your first time of driving a van, make sure you turn up at the rental office in plenty of time. This will save you having to rush around and will allow you time to familiarize yourself with the vehicle. Make sure you sit in the van for a while and get used to the controls.
  2. Make sure any loads in the vehicle are secured tightly. Goods can easily roll around in a van with even the slightest of movements.
  3. Pay close attention to height restrictions. Remember your van is taller and wider than a car. Bridges and car parks often can cause issues. If you want to check the height of your vehicle this normally just above the drivers windscreen.
  4. Vans will often have wide rear and or sliding side doors. Make sure these are closed securely. You don’t want your loads spilling over the road if a door springs open.
  5. Kill your speed. This is not a sports car and driving quickly round corners with a heavily loaded van can often cause it to tip over, especially in adverse weather conditions.
  6. Talking of speed also remember that van’s will take longer to slow down than a car so increase your stopping distance, especially if you have a heavy load.
  7. When driving a van you will have more blind spots around you. Make sure your taking extra special care when changing lanes. Be aware of pedestrians and cyclists. Watch out when you are trying to park or reverse the vehicle.
  8. If you are hiring a Luton van which has a tail-lift make sure you familiarise yourself with the controls. Before you hire the vehicle make sure you have the correct driving license to hire a Luton Van. You will need a (Cat B) Full driving license to drive anything below 3.5 tons. Anything higher you will need a special license
  9. Like a car, make sure you and all passengers are wearing seat belts. Police and traffic wardens seem to pay special attention to van drivers.
  10. Make sure you are aware of any traffic restrictions such as no parking zones or double yellow lines when loading or unloading the vehicle. This will prevent from picking up any unnecessary parking fines.

Neil Maycock writes articles for  Pinnacle van hire mansfield