10 Unique Uses Of Sound Clips

We all know that professionals constantly utilize sound clips in movies, TV news reports and musical compositions. So many songs these days make use of sound bites; sampling has become so commonplace we hardly even notice it anymore. But you don’t have to be a professional musician or video producer to use sound clips in your daily life. Read on for creative ways to incorporate sound clips into your creative, business and gift-giving activities.

Not everyone can sing or play an instrument, but everyone can mix up an original composition using basic audio tools, many of which are free online. Need a creative gift for your grandmother’s birthday? Make up an original composition featuring your two-year-old’s voice. Who couldn’t appreciate such a fun, personalized gift?
Business Presentations
Let’s face it: PowerPoint presentations can be excruciatingly boring. Why not jazz them up with some sound clips? Add in a buzzer noise, a rim shot or a drum roll. Bonus: This is a great way to make sure your colleagues are actually paying attention to your presentation!
You may not have the desire to write out your thoughts on a blog, but you it’s pretty easy to record yourself (or conversations with a friend) for a podcast. Use sound clips for your intro and outro, and to vary things up a little bit.
Citizen Journalism
Record your own clips of local happenings in your community. If you’re lucky, maybe you can even catch a prominent figure saying something controversial. Create your own reports and share them on your podcast or through social media sites like Facebook and Tumblr.
Why have a ring tone that sounds like everyone else’s? Use sound clips to create an entirely unique and creative ring tone that won’t (or will!) annoy everyone around you. You can use a sound from your favorite movie or song—or your favorite person!
Activism and Advocacy
Use sound clips to create your own online ads for a cause or candidate you care about. For example, are you passionate about endangered species? Share the sounds of endangered animals to help generate interest and inspire change.
Reinterpret some of your favorite pieces of media in new combinations using sound clips, photos and video. Mash-ups are multimedia collages— and they’re not just for teenage girls creating Twilight fan videos. Who knows, maybe your mash-up could go viral!
Digital Photo Albums
Why not add sound to your online photo albums and slide shows? Use sound clips to add humor or emotional interest. You can also record your loved ones’ voices and use the clips to preserve their memories.
Quiz games
Create your own quiz game with sound clips! Have your friends identify movie quotes, song snippets or iconic sound effects from specific movies. It’s like creating your own digital equivalent of a board game, and it can lead to endless fun. Sound bite quiz games can also be used in the educational settings (see below).
Use sound clips in the classroom as a fun way to learn about history, literature, foreign languages and music composition. Students will certainly get more out of playing with sound than sitting at a desk listening to lectures!
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