10 Ways To Reduce Call Centre Attrition and Improve Agent Engagement

10 Ways To Reduce Call Centre Attrition and Improve Agent Engagement

Juggling to handle frustrated and disgruntled customers, working inside out for 9-10 hours each day in a cubicle, stuck to the screens, and all of these at such low salary package is not what an intriguing job is. These are some of the main reasons for agents to burn-out, switch jobs, poor performance, and high attrition rates.

And what’s even more disturbing is that in many organisations agent’s turnovers, burn-out, and the attrition rate is seen as a necessary evil. And it is due to the very nature of the work structure of the call centres. Organisations are following the same culture because of the legacy that has to be maintained in the traditional work culture. But not everybody sees a call centre’s job as a pessimist’s job. There are silver linings that are now widely accepted by most of the organisations regarding work and work culture. Business entrepreneurs understand that it is difficult to manage every little thing all by yourself, and therefore they introduced the concept of outsourcing your most of the miscellaneous work and just keeping with them the core areas of improvement. This will help the agents to focus on what they are really hired for. Here are some of the major advantages of outsourcing the wings at the right time:

Focus on attributes that enhance customer’s experiences

Making your customers stick to meet daily targets is the biggest weapon to lose your potential customers and increase attrition rate. While trying to meet the goals, agents focus solely on the average handling time, first call resolution techniques and so on. This degrades the agent’s performance and quality as well, in turn killing customer satisfaction. Rather agents should focus on the quality work, customer satisfaction, and customer-centric for work to be streamlined.

Consider the techniques

Outsourced agents are a pool of knowledge and experiences. Learning this can simply boost up the revenue rate and customer satisfaction level. Since excellent call centre outsourcing agents spend most of the time interacting with the customers, they are well aware of the agents’ needs and queries. Lead your agents to take full responsibility for every mistakes and praise that come through their work.

Reward and recognise your agents

In order to improve the retention rates, you need to applaud your agents for the work they do. Generally, agents are overlooked for their efforts and dedication, while this is the easiest method to align your workforce, mend relationships, and restore the lost enthusiasm.

Outsourcing centres provide rewards in the form of incentives, recognition, and awards. This inspires the agents to keep going and maintain the level of healthy competition in the organisation.

Empower Agents beyond Answering Phone Calls

Let not your agents be bounded just by handling calls and managing customer’s queries. Rather it is important to value their knowledge and motivate them to use their ideas in creating a constructive impact. As already mentioned, call centre agents are a pool of resources and skills, therefore using those skills in order to create a positive atmosphere hugely facilitates in maintaining the retention rates and agents’ turnover.

Provides better professional opportunity

Employees should not feel that they are unheard or there are no chances of further improvements in the organisation. Outsourcing organisations build a strong career for their employees and focus on one’s own individual growth. Apart from knowledge and abilities, business organisations value the agents’ presence, giving them the opportunity to grow big. Investing in agent’s growth is the key to build a loyal and error-free empire.

Transparent communication channels

Maintain a culture of transparent communication among the channels. This will enhance a sense of transparency and trust between the higher and lower management departments. Also, this will promote the overall development of the organisation and share a common purpose. Organisations that outsource their work should certainly focus on knowing and telling every little requirement to their outsourcing partner. Creating such a culture will synchronise the approach together and monitor your agents’ performance.


Following these outsourcing mantras can lower the customer attrition rates and you can achieve a level of customer satisfaction with your work.