Twelve Steps To Become A Freelance Copywriter

12 Steps To Become A Freelance Copywriter

Freelance writing is one of the most satisfying careers that you can get into. It is less of a hustle than other work and can give you great monetary gains, too. Establishing such a career, however, requires well-calculated steps. If you follow these steps, you will find yourself taking off without any major hiccups. Below are some of the critical steps that can give you an easy start in freelancing.

Be Creative

Freelancing requires a lot of creativity on the part of the writer. Readers of articles usually follow the most creative pieces as they also happen to be among the most interesting to read. Invest time in thinking and imagining as these are critical attributes of good writers. Put yourself in the heart and mind of the reader, and in this way you will see things from his or her perspective. Bring in out of the ordinary ideas, and your readers will love you.

Polish Up Your Grammar

There is nothing as off-putting as grammatically incorrect web copy. It causes readers to form negative opinions about the writer, and they may even stop reading even some of the writer’s other works. Take time to master sentence structure, and have a good selection of words. Your readers may be masters of grammar; do not make the mistake of disappointing them.

Beef Up Your Interest

You cannot succeed in freelance web copy writing if you do not have interest. It is one of the critical cornerstones in launching such a career. It is interest that will make you engage in research and fact-finding in order to come up with compelling web copy.

Establish Your Niche

Niche-based writing is good for specialization. One secret with freelance writing is for you to carve out a niche and be an authority in it. By doing this, your readers will always be coming to you so that they can get informative content concerning that particular niche. The area of specialization could be gardening, fashion and design or even food and recipes.

Learn Good Organization Skills

Freelancing is all about organization. There are so many things that you will have to piece together to handle multiple and complex projects. Even when writing, the way you organize your passages and lay out your ideas will set you apart from the less organized authors. This will give you credibility and increase your fan base.

Invest in Communication Skills

Writing is all about communication. If you cannot connect with your audience, then you have no business being in freelance writing. Learn how to integrate your thought processes and ideas with the readers’ interests. This will make your web copy catchy and will keep readers glued to them all the way through. Make your points clear and concise.

Be a Positive Thinker

Positivity is a fundamental attribute of life that can make you different from your peers. In freelance web copy writing, just like in other careers, you will get discouraged at some point and feel like quitting.  Not all of your readers will post positive comments about your literary pieces. This should not, however, dampen your spirit – rather, it should spur you on. Look at the positive side of life.

Time Management

Freelance writing is about deadlines and project timelines. One of the steps to becoming an excellent freelancer is learning good time management skills. This will ensure that you do not quarrel with employers or have your projects cancelled. Allocate time to different tasks, and carry out an evaluation at the end to see how you are fairing.

Develop Self-Discipline

This is an integral part of freelance writing. Developing self-discipline is necessary for success, especially since no one will be there to supervise you. You will be working on your own. Learn to exercise restraint, and even set up rules for self-guidance. Write your own code for behavior, and you will be amazed at how much you can do with self-discipline.

Excellent Money Management Skills

Freelancing involves lots of cash, but it needs to be well managed and handled. Have clear records of your revenue and expenditures while having a clear command of any other outflows such as taxes and miscellaneous expenses. You cannot afford to be careless with money, and this can mess up your whole freelancing career.

Learn Integrity and Honesty

Integrity is who you are when no one is watching you. In freelance writing, there is no close supervision, and, as such, you need to be honest in the way you handle your writing projects. If you are working for a client who allows you to log time, it is good to be honest and bill only the time worked. This will lift your integrity index a notch higher, and more projects will come your way.

Develop and Aim at Your Goals

Based on personal experience, goal-oriented freelance writing has higher chances of success than writing with an ad hoc approach. Set your goals clearly and in a smart way. Let them be measurable, specific, achievable, reasonable and time-bound. They will be like your watch tower and will not only guide your career but also will give you a sense of satisfaction.

Author bio:

This article is written by Sawn Phillips who has completed his education on Psychology. He started his career as freelance copywriting and worked with . In this article he suggests some tips for the freelancer to be a good copy writer.