1848 Capital – Opening New Vistas For Corporate Houses

1848 Capital - Opening New Vistas For Corporate Houses

1848 Capital is a prominent name among the private equity firms and has in the past played an instrumental role in acquiring corporate houses. One such acquisition was way back in the year 2008. A company known as Jet Support Services, Inc or popularly known as JSSI was acquired by 2 prominent private equity firms and 1848 Capital was one of them along with another leading firm called R.H Book LLC. At the time of signing the agreement, the negotiation meeting was presided over by Bob Book, the Chairman of R.H Book LLC, and few eminent officials from 1848 Capital Partners LLC. 1848 Capital Partners LLC has its base in Miami, Florida.

Prior to delving deeper into this negotiation and how the new acquisition would affect the functioning of the company, a little more about this equity firm can be highlighted. 1848 Capital is an equity firm that was filed as a “Foreign Limited Liability” in 2006 in the State of Florida. This legal step has been recorded with the Florida Department of State. It is referred to as corporate foreign filing does not mean that it is outside United States, it only means that the filing was not done in the home state.

Important Members of the Company

There are few key people of the company that have played crucial roles in taking the company to a prominent level and in enhancing the visibility of the company. First and foremost, it is Joseph Dagrosa, who is the Managing Member of this organization. He has over the years shared a great corporate relationship with other corporate identities that include Penguin Partners Management LLC, Pitcairn Aviation LLC, and more than 10 other corporate houses. In the past, he was associated with few other well known names like Park Hill Friends & Family II LLC, and Park Hill Holdings LLC aside from more than 7 associates.

The second person worth mentioning is none other than David Neithard, and works in the capacity of a Managing Member of this much acclaimed company 1848 Capital Partners.

It would not be complete unless the name of the registered agent is not mentioned. It is Nrai Services, Inc. It is also referred to as resident or statutory agent. The registered agent plays an important role too and has been entrusted with the task of receiving notifications pertaining to lawsuits, court summons, and any legal proceeding that involves the company.

JSSI Acquisition Revisited

As a result of the acquisition, the new owners of the company benefited immensely and worked out plans to expand the base of the company and also increase the customer base. It was also decided at that point of time that the 2 acquiring companies, namely, R.H Book LLC, and 1848 Capital would work out and develop various ways and adopt measures that would boost the growth of the new company and also see to the interest of its loyal clients. It may be mentioned here that JSSI is engaged into maintenance of aircraft engines as well as airframes.