2 Benefits Of Energy Deregulation

2 Benefits Of Energy Deregulation

Over the past several years, deregulation has been drastically changing the energy industry. In years past, governments at both local and state levels have worked with local utility companies to create a single, standard option of power for residents and local businesses. This strategy did help to stabilize the market and created a great infrastructure that has been in place for a hundred years. However, there are many players in the industry who feel that this form of regulation in the industry is past its prime and needs to be changed to meet modern day demand and needs.  If you are trying to get away from the government run energy problem, then get solar panels from Thornton roofers and start making your own energy.

The dynamics of deregulation are not as difficult as it may originally seem. However, there is a fair amount of confusion. Additionally, local utility companies are not always willing participants in deregulation when it comes to having competitors enter the market. But, many argue that allowing competitors into the market will increase innovation and allow for companies like American Power and Gas to potentially offer consumers another option that could greatly benefit them.

To give you a better idea of just how deregulation can benefit us all, I’ve listed two reasons below.

You can Save Money through Deregulation

Let me explain. One of the fundamental tenets of capitalism is the fact that competition can help to keep prices down. A general principle of this is that companies who offer similar product/services at much higher prices than their competitors, will potentially have a difficult time staying in business. Competitors will try and attract new customers through offering competitive prices. Currently, the local utility companies enjoy a type of monopoly whereby they really don’t have any competitors to compete against. They can essentially name their price.

How much control do you have over your electricity and gas bills come winter time when seemingly every single utility company hikes up rates? Well, where else are you going to go for power when this happens? Chances are you don’t have any alternatives where you live. That is one of the major problems with the current industry and is something that deregulation can help to solve.

Have the Option to go “Green” with your Energy

According to the latest American Environmental Values Survey, almost 77% of Americans say they are concerned about the environment a fair amount or a great deal.

Do you know if your local utility company even provides you with an option for a “greener” gas or electricity option? Chances are the answer is no; you get what they offer. Deregulation can help bring a “green” option into the local energy market, which would give you an opportunity to get a service that is inline with your environmental concerns.

When there are alternative energy suppliers in the market, many will want to meet the demands and needs of their customers and in this case, provide them with a more environmentally sound energy option. This essentially allows people to “put their money where their mouth is” and support those energy companies that are focused on providing “green” solutions.