2 Best Antivirus Software of 2013

Antivirus software has surely become the need of the time, and this is because one is more prone to encounter different types of viruses when logging on to the internet.

If you are not using any proxy, VPN service or Antivirus software than your PC is bound to encounter a good number of Malware, Trojans, intruders, spyware etc.

and it won’t be with you in a long run, therefore having a good Antivirus software is surely your utmost need.

People have always been looking for Antivirus software that are best among the rest, as when they are paying for something they always look forward to get the best of the best, as their PC data means everything to them, and they are not willing to lose at any cost!

In the following lines you will get to know about 2 of the best Antivirus software of 2013:

VIPRE Antivirus Premium:

VIPRE is known to be one of the best Antivirus software of 2013 because it comes with an antivirus + antispyware features that offers you a double edge Firewall followed by anti-root kit combined with other much advanced security essentials in just a single small product.

One of the biggest reasons why VIPRE Antivirus premium is in top 2 is that it is the lightest antivirus product that doesn’t slows down your PC in any way!


• Designed for Microsoft Operating System.

• Its 1 year License costs $40.00.

• It has got 3 out of 10 possible certifications.

• VIPRE offers 13 different types of protections, so that your computer will remain safe from every kind of Viruses, Trojans etc.

• 4 Different Technical Support channels, so that you won’t face any difficulty when reaching them for support.

Bit Defender:   Bit Defender is another best and out of the box antivirus program that not only works like a usual PC security program,but it also allows designed to provide multiple cloud based services, hence allowing you to make the most out of it in the best possible manner.

With Bit defender you can keep your computer absolutely safe and secure without worrying about anything! Bit Defender is especially designed to overcome e-threats.


• Designed for Microsoft Operating System.

• Yearly license costs $50.00, which makes this service quite expensive to use.

• You are offered with six different types of protections, which mean that it is able to overcome more different types of threats, hence allowing your computer to be with you in a long run.

• Bit Defender offers 2 different technical support channels which allow you to resolve all of your technical problems in the smallest time frame.

However other antivirus systems normally offer more than two channels.So you can choose to go with any of these 2 best Antivirus softwares as they are designed to overcome all of your needs and are surely perfect for businesses and on large scale usage.

Hence, allowing you to make the most out of it in the best possible manner.

Author Bio:
The article is written by Alisa Taylor. She is technology blogger and recommends virenschutz antivirus to PC and internet users.