2 Effective Approaches To Make Your SEO Profitable

What do you need to do to provide your service with stable visitors from search engines? What way of SEO you should tend to? How to exclude or minimize the risk to lose all your investments?

SEO is Just a Small Part of the Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, SEO as a separate part of a web-site promotion has lost its actuality. The reason for that is not that the growth in search engine results doesn’t mean you will get more order or sells. Now, SEO becomes less effective if it goes without any other advertising and site improvement. Of course, the competition in different areas can vary, and it is impossible to say, that SEO results fully depend on other methods of Internet-marketing. But if you are working for a great high-flying project, which face with different competitors, the complex approach turns out to be a necessary condition to win: SEO can become an effective instrument only as a part of Internet-marketing complex. Various ebooks and guides contain information on how managers should combine different approaches to get the maximum effectiveness.

SEO is not a Promotion, SEO is an Optimization

SEO should bring benefits to a project, to search engine, but firstly to people looking for information.

The task of any search engine is to find an answer on any user’s request, for example, what is ssl security. That’s why the main task of the SEO specialist is to show his client site in the maximum number of targeted inquires. To solve this task you can act in two different ways:

  • To make a search engine consider the client’s site the best place for their answer;
  • To create sites that will become a real information Mecca for visitors.

Though the second path is more complicated, and requires more financial and time affords, up-to-date managers should choose it.  

Common SEO Mistakes make by Fresher or Unprofessional

No Keyword(s) in the Content

Now a day few people write the content without keyword because they rely on Meta tag, but in the current scenario the research and analysis results show that the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, & Bing give more preference to the content rather than to Meta tags, sorry to say but this strategy can’t give the result on the SERP. Instead, use content mixed along with keywords to optimize the website or web pages.

Use Only Images for Headings

Ignore the text and give space to images in heading is not a good idea if you trying to optimize your web for show on search engine result page. Not only fresher seo but also few experience seo preferring the page layout and they use images every where even in heading, they skip the text in heading and use the images, and because of search engine crawler (bot) program have not ability to read content in image so definitely the bot will not read heading in images and this pattern is also not useful for the web optimization purpose, the solution is that use H1, H2 and other heading in text format, also use the menu link in text pattern and just wait and watch.