2012 Chrysler 700C Concept

What happens when you are attending a glamorous motor show and checking out the latest trends in the market, and out of the blue, a new car is unveiled? This sure would grab your attention. Wouldn’t it? Well, Chrysler did just that at the North American International Auto Show. There was no announcement or press release regarding the unveiling of its 2012 Chrysler 700C Concept. In fact, they made it a point that not every concept car is leaked before its debut.

Chrysler wanted to know what was going on in the attendee’s minds because the car’s main purpose was to gather feedback on Chrysler’s entry into the new line minivan industry.

When you look at the Chrysler 700C Concept, you cannot help but notice some peculiar design features. The new concept has the leaf shaped front side window and the front and rear door handles are blended in such a way that they look like a single trim piece. By keeping to the current trends, they have the Chrysler emblem embedded in the rear glass instead of the traditional sheet metal.

The 700c borrows much from European markets. The theme is based on French cars than the usual conservative styling of the company. The media portrayed mixed reactions concerning the style of the 700C. Some have compared it to the last generation Nissan Quest minivan while others thought that the design had been inspired from the Fiat Lancia brand. Overall, the car received positive reviews on style from all corners.


Chrysler’s officials have made it very clear that 700C was a pure concept. The Chrysler’s only intention behind unveiling this concept car at the show was to gauge consumer reaction on the futuristic minivan, so that they can get a feel of what their customers want in futuristic cars and what they do not want.


Although 2012 Chrysler 700C Concept is not hitting the production lines, you can expect some of the features of this concept vehicle in the new line of Chrysler cars. The 700C was just an idea cooked up by the designers at Chrysler and they only made the decision to bring it to the show about two weeks before the show. Chrysler just wanted to get the opinion of the public so that they can take some accepted features from the vehicle and incorporate them in their next productions.

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