25 Most Interesting Topics In Tourism

Presently, tourism increases its popularity as an academic subject. It develops various directions of scrutinization like hospitality and leisure. Tourism marketing evolves into powerful business strategies. Other sharp concerns is the terrorism impact on the traveling area and the results of such an impact. The promotion of booking services and tours’ planning enjoy a constant popularity.

1. Social Media

With the huge surge in social media, many hotels and resorts are turning to social media to attract new customers. But social media can be a good tool in research and planning as well.

2. Sustainability

Can your hotel and resort continue to bring in revenue? Make sure to look into campaigns, investments and revenue to plan a successful future.

3. Entrepreneurship

Are your business leaders truly educated and talented enough to run a resort? How do you run a successful resort or hotel?

4. Family Events

If you are planning events for the area, make sure to include plenty of family friendly events. This could attract many customers to your resort or hotel.

5. Managing Festivals

Millions of people travel across the world for festivals. They could be for music, comic conventions or any topic. Are you offering any connected deals with the festival?

6. Wilderness Tourism

Is the local landscape inviting your tourists? How could you benefit off the oceans or mountains around you?

7. Being Aware of Local Communities

For locals, there’s nothing more annoying than dealing with thousands of tourists on a daily basis. It’s important to keep both the locals and the tourists happy.

8. Climate Change

Are the temperatures rising in your town? How about the oceans levels? It’s important to factor in these climate issues when planning ahead for the future.

9. Terrorism

With the rise of terror attacks in Europe, many tourists are paranoid about traveling. How does this affect business, and how can business leaders combat the fear?

10. Eco-Friendly Hotels

If you ran an eco-friendly hotel, would you be more likely to attract more customers? In addition to bringing in more revenue, most likely owners would save on utility bills as well.

11. Natural Disasters

How does natural disasters affect tourism communities? Researching how the Indian Ocean tsunami affected the local resorts would be a great study to compare how a disaster would affect your area in the future, financially.

12. Recessions

Recessions hit everyone. If a tourist has less money, they are less likely to travel. How does an owner combat a weakened economy?

13. Budget Hotels

Are tourists more will to stay in budget hotel to splurge on other items? How would you bribe tourists to spend a little bit more at your resort?

14. Educational Tourism

Millions of students travel for school. How would you cater to them?

15. How to Handle the Olympics

Olympic events can turn a fully functional city upside down. How can hotels, public transportation and local city officials handle the overflow of tourists?

16. Ghost Tourism

Is your town known for its haunted history? Offering a haunted attraction or any other special offer would draw in even more tourists to the area.

17. Public Transportation

Lots of larger cities have decent public transportation systems. If your area is smaller, does this affect the number of tourists who plan a visit?

18. Shopping Overseas

How does the exchange rate affect local shopping? If the tourists dollar is not worth much in the new country, are they less likely to spend?

19. Attitudes Between Locals and Tourists

In some areas, locals act cold towards tourists. What can be done to improve the relationship? If the relationship is not improved, does the local industry suffer?

20. Does Ecotourism Affect Local Businesses?

Are tourists more likely to spend money if they know local businesses are more eco-friendly? Or, if tourists are more eco-conscious, are they less likely to spend money?

21. Golfing

Is your community known as a golf resort? How are you attracting tourists? Are your greens great, or do you offer unique incentives for customers?

22. The Eco Impact of Spas

Again, more consideration for eco-friendly tourists. Are you being conscious of the water wasted in the spa? Is it a renewable source?

23. Sex Tourism

Some areas in Asia are known for their sex tourism. Is this something your hotel would encourage or offer?

24. Price Perception

Are bundled packages and pricing more likely to draw in tourists? Most tourists believe they are getting a better deal with prices are bundled.

25. Cultural Tourism

Are tourists taking advantage of the local cultural events? Are you marketing them along with your prices and other incentives?

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