3 Back To School Fashion Tips


With school approaching it is time to start thinking about the upcoming fashion trends. Here are three fashion tips to help you getting a great back to school look.

Add Color to Your Closet

Fashion during the winter months usually consist of neutral tones – blacks, off-whites, gray, and browns – but designers are ramping things up with color this Fall so prepare yourself as you head to the mall. Pink, purple, bright blues and tangerine are just a handful of the colors you will see on the racks this season. Heat things up with a bright colored accessory like a scarf, belt, or shoes. Get colorful by wearing an oversized purple top with gray leggings or a bright orange sweater with black pants. Another big hit for 2012 is brightly colored pants, including jeans, so add a neutral colored top to your colorful pants. Although winter is the season for gray, wet days and snow covered surroundings, warm up by adding a splash of color.

Jive it up in Jeans

You can’t talk about fashion without discussing denim, a staple of the fashion industry that’s able to reinvent itself. Skinny jeans are as trendy as ever in 2012 but unlike their name, you do not have to be skinny in order to wear these. Almost any figure can work with skinny jeans because they flatten and smooth out the bottom half of your body. Button-down shirts, hoodies, blazers, and long cardigans are all great tops to add to your skinny jeans. If you don’t know what kind of shoes to wear, sneakers, boots, stilettos, and flip-flops all work.

Another popular type of denim for 2012 is the boyfriend jeans. Being the opposite of skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans are casual, roomy, and comfortable. Because these jeans are looser and will hide more of your figure, you will want to wear a slim fitting top.

One more style that will be seen in schools in 2012 is the denim leggings, also known as jeggings. Jeggings are comfortable and stylish and you won’t have to worry about squeezing into your jeans because these are stretchy and soft. Like regular jeans, these go with hoodies, oversized blouses, jackets, and big sweaters.


You can never go wrong by accessorizing your outfit. Just be sure you accessorize it correctly. Here are some possible accessory options.

  • Cuffs, chunky silver and gold bracelets, and bangle bracelets are way popular and you can even pile them on. Wrist wear is definitely in style this year whether you choose a textured, silver cuff or a slim gold bangle, you’ll be in style.
  • Woven handbags, brightly colored clutches, and large shoulder bags are all a great choice this year.
  • Brooches. Add a large shiny brooch to your floral top or sweater or go smaller on your black jacket or sweater.

Any of the above tips can help your closet and look this season!

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Alyx Braze is a freelance author who has a passion for women’s high fashion.