3 Benefits Provided By Online Yearbook Manufacturers

One of the things that students look forward to most at the end of each school year is purchasing a yearbook. Whether they choose to buy one each year at their alma mater or only purchase yearbooks for the biggest milestones, these volumes are cherished for years to come.

Not only are these books a record of who attended the school and what activities various pupils participated in; they are also a collection of memories that is individual to each person.

Are you an administrator or teacher looking to obtain yearbooks for your school? Here are three benefits that you might see with some of the best online manufacturers.

1) Serious Discounts


If you have planned ahead and have your yearbook information all worked out and accounted for, you could be compensated in terms of savings.


For instance, with some companies, you can save up to 20 percent on ordering your 2012-2013 academic yearbooks if you purchase them by a certain date.

In other cases, you save 10 percent with an early-bird order, as well as 5 percent more if you pay in full right away.

When you have a full enrollment list right off the bat, you can save another 5 percent, to total one-fifth off the price of your order.

You can also often get add-ons, like hard covers, for just a few dollars more per book.


2) Quick & Effective Service


Especially when it comes to something like a yearbook, time is of the essence. This is why it is so important to make sure that – once your materials are submitted for printing – you receive your volumes before the end of the school year has arrived.

The best companies only take five weeks or so to have your color yearbook order completed, shipped and delivered to your doorstep.


3) Easy Online Ordering


When the end of the year is on its way, teachers and administrators are busier than ever. This is why it is imperative to have a convenient and timesaving way to order yearbooks.

Placing orders through the Internet is the perfect solution, and a few top manufacturers offer this option.

Better yet, parents can also place their orders for a volume online to make sure that they have one reserved for their child when the finished product arrives. 


If you haven’t ordered your yearbooks for this academic year yet, it’s not too late. Go online to get a quote for your school’s yearbook from retailers like Memory Book Company today.

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