3 Bugs You Do Not Want In Your Car

We call them pests because they invade our homes, and we feel violated because of it. But more important than our feelings of being taken advantage of, pests are harmful in many ways. It’s widely known that various kinds of bugs devour homes and buildings, like termites and rodents, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. Many kinds of offensive bugs also carry diseases that are harmful, some potentially deadly, to humans. But apart from our homes, our cars can also get infested with these nasty critters. The danger here is that bugs can jump on you while you’re driving, which can take you by surprise; and this can lead to serious auto accidents. They can also nibble on exposed skin, and you will have a hard time swatting them away as you’re driving your car.

Having bedbugs in your car is not that huge a deal compared to having other more noxious creatures living in your vehicle. Some may not be so lethal, but their bites or stings can be pretty painful. So, it’s a must to always keep car doors and windows closed so that these pesky bugs won’t get the opportunity to enter, and then inhabit, your auto. Among the scariest pests out there, what you don’t want in your car are – spiders, scorpions, and wasps.
Black widows and brown recluse spiders are often found in places that are occupied by people. These spiders deliver venomous bites. The female black window is 3 times more poisonous than a male spider; so don’t even attempt to touch it with your bare hands. The bite of the brown recluse, on the other hand, is not at all painful. However, if you suspect that you’ve been bitten by a brown recluse, go to a hospital. The insect’s bite can cause necrosis or tissue death. Ever seen a brown recluse bite? Many people who’ve been bitten by the brown recluse exhibit crater-like scars in different sizes.
Another pest that many people have nightmares about is the scorpion. No, it’s not their size that’s scary – it’s their poisonous stings. These creatures are predators. They can lie in wait, and then sting when you least expect it. Their toxic stings contain lethal fluids, like neurotoxins and substances that inhibit enzymes and other vital bodily fluid. One of the most poisonous types out there is the Arizona bark scorpion. If you’re living in or near Arizona, make it a habit to check dark nooks and crannies, like under your car seats. Usually, those who get stung by deadly scorpions need anti-venom. Hence, seek medical help if you’ve been stung. Did you also know that scorpions glow under black light? Interesting.
It’s not common for wasps to want to live inside or under the hood of your car. But in case you notice these bugs near or inside your vehicle, call an exterminator. Why? For many reasons, one of which is that squishing one will attract others, and all of them can gang up on you and sting you many, many, many times. When you kill a wasp, it releases a panic hormone that draws other wasps near the area. And remember, wasps, unlike bees, do not sting just once.

  • Photo courtesy of graur codrin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

Claire Clarke writes for http://insightpest.com and other pest control companies. She is a freelance writer who regularly blogs about pest management topics.