3 Business Resources You Haven’t Used Yet

Operating a small business can be hard work, and sometimes soul destroying. Being at the head of the company, it is your job to keep that smile on your face all day long, even if inside you are tired, stressed and already thinking about your tax returns.

Business owners often work long hours and can feel like they are the only person in the world who is going through this pain. However, there are many resources out there that are absolutely invaluable to the small business owner, except you probably don’t know about them yet.

1. Your local Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce are hubs for small businesses to get together and to get the support and advice they need to keep going. Most Chambers charge a fee to join, but this varies from one area to another, and even if it seems like a large investment at the time, the support you can get from being a member is invaluable.

Many chambers often hold networking events so you can meet other small business owners in your city, including the popular business breakfast where you get to much a bacon roll over coffee in the early hours before you open shop. As well as this, many Chambers host joint marketing initiatives for local businesses, so you could get your name out there for less.

2. Your trade association

Many small business owners don’t think of joining their trade association or industry group, possible because of a presumption that this type of activity is more for large players in the field and not something they want to get involved in. However, your professional trade association or industry group can be a hugely valuable resource for many different things, from networking with your peers to keeping on top of relevant legislation affecting your industry.

Costs to join trade associations vary, but the return you get on your investment can be huge. Often the associations will conduct their own research into the industry, and will have special members sections of their websites or regular newsletters to keep you abreast of changes in the industry and help you get a jump start on the competition. With LinkedIn featuring heavily in many networking strategies, this is a good place to start finding other businesses and associations who are in your industry.

3. Your local college

One of the most under used resources by many small businesses is their local community college. Students from the college may well be viable interns for your company, or could be a pool of fresh new talent for entry level recruitment. On the other hand, developing a good relationship with your local college can open the door to training and development opportunities for your own staff, helping the develop and become more valuable workers. Offering to speak at a seminar or run a business workshop at the college will certainly get you noticed, and may bring about offers of free or cut price training for your team. 

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