3 Common Types Of Body Weights

In many fashion-oriented communities, people suffer from debilitating lifestyle; because they seek to get proper body shape. The media continuously shows us how we are supposed to behave and look. Unfortunately, many advertising messages enforce false promises and having very slim bodies could come with unwanted consequences.

Depending on their situation and genetic makeup, some people can’t easily have very slim body. This could result in low self-esteem and people actually eat more in this situation. This is a vicious cycle that can deplete our condition mentally and physically. In fact, many good-looking people we see on the ads are not that good-looking and slim, because their pictures have been modified by computer software.

This means, we could be aiming for things that even models and celebrities can’t achieve. Women are seen as beautiful if they are curvaceous and voluptuous, but this is misleading. Centuries ago, attractive girls don’t have slim body and Monalisa is certainly not thin. There are three different body types:

• Ectomorphs:

These people have linear appearance, very fast metabolism, small muscles, narrow shoulders and low body fat. These people don’t gain weight easily. They are usually more creative, generous and enthusiastic.

• Mesomorph:

Reasonably muscular people with small waist, wide shoulders, normal metabolism, low body fat and athletic build. Although they have moderate build, mesomorphs often gain weight later on in life. They may eventually have larger hips and thighs as they grow older. These people focused, confident and can be ambitious.

• Endomorph:

Larger people with big bones, wide hips, round face, more fat cells and slower metabolism. Obviously, endomorphs can gain weight rather easily with larger stomach and breast than other people.In general, we are mixture of these two body types; but we could usually define our body type. In general, here are things we should do:

• Ectomorphs:

Ectomorphs should keep themselves healthy and balanced. They should do exercises regularly to remain consisten, steady and even. Extomorphs should be grounded, still and focuses, by learning to meditate and listening to soothing music. Before saying anything, these people should think it through. It is important for them to get a more steady routine with predictable sleeping and eating patterns.

• Mesomorphs:

Due to the body posture, it is important for mesomorphs to avoid exerting themselves. They can focus on tai chi and swimming. Like others, they should go for moderation and avoid extreme food, that’s too salty, spicy and hot. Mesomorphs should be cam in any stressful situation. They should remain receptive and don’t get involved in too many projects. Due to their mental condition, it is important for mesomorphs to plan ahead.

• Endomorph:

Endomorphs should choose an exercise that is focused to increase circulation and metabolism. However, it is necessary to avoid overstrain. Because these people can weight easily, it is important to choose low-calorie, fiber-rich diet. They can choose raw foods and fruits. Regardless of what they do, endomorphs should be confident and avoid burdening themselves. They need to feel positive and always move forward.

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