3 Easy Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist

If you’re struggling with a fear of going to the dentist, you’re not alone. From kids to adults, most people have a hard time going to the dentist, even for a cleaning. While it may be easier to just not go, your teeth might not give you a choice. It’s better to go by your own choice before a problem forces you to. If you’re one of the many who are afraid of going to the dentist, relax, and try these tips.

Have a Consultation

If you want to start to overcome your fear of the dentist, start by scheduling a consultation. It will not only give you a chance to learn about how things will go during an appointment, but it will also allow you to interact with the dentist on a personal level rather than on a strictly dental one. Get to know your dentist, and help them get to know you. Talk about your family, what you do for a living, and various other tidbits you feel like sharing so it sets up a more personal experience. You’ll also be able to discuss your fears so the two of you can come up with a plan of how to make the process easier for you. Knowing your dentist is a person, just like you, can help you to feel comfortable in their care.

Make Your First Appointment Simple

When you have a fear of the dentist, you may want to take your visits as slow and easy as possible, especially the first appointment. Opt for just a simple cleaning. This can allow the two of you to ease into things and build a rapport while you get more comfortable. Once x-rays and the examination are done, it’s a chance to talk about what procedures, if any, you’ll need to have done on your teeth. You may find that you need a lot of dental work done, but don’t panic. Talk to your dentist about your concerns and come up with a plan for your treatment. Whether it’s better to get it all done at once, or space it out over a few visits, your dentist can likely accommodate you.

Set Yourself Up For Success

The more comfortable you feel about your surroundings, the more at ease you’re likely going to feel throughout the appointment. You don’t necessarily have to settle for a one-size-fits-all dental experience. Any good dentist will help you to feel as comfortable as they can which includes creating a personalized environment. For example, maybe you can watch TV or listen to music. Another option is creating a signal, such as tapping the chair, which will signify to the dentist to stop for a moment if you need a break. You can go over all of your preferences with the dentist during your consultation.

One of the major reasons that many have a fear of the dentist is that something (seemingly) traumatic happened at some point, likely years ago, that triggered it. However, it’s important to keep in mind that things have changed significantly – and continue to do so – since then. Dentists, like those at Abbott Family Dentistry, LLC., are more equipped than ever to make procedures as manageable and pain-free as possible so it’s easier than ever to overcome your fear. With that said, isn’t it time you scheduled your next dentist appointment?