3 Fantastic YouTube Videos All Drummers Must Watch

3 Fantastic YouTube Videos All Drummers Must Watch

Whilst we spend our week teaching our students to play the drums, here at A.T. Music Group in Chelmsford, we also like to see what other drummers around the globe are doing and, as many others do, we often can’t help ourselves taking to YouTube to see what’s trending and what we can find! This week, we set ourselves the challenge of finding three great videos to share with you all and, as such, we urge you to take a few minutes out of your day to take a look at them and see if you agree with us as to how great they are!

1. The Best Kid Drummer Ever! 3 Year Old Ben!

3 year old ben is set for stardom when he’s older! At his age, he’s a fantastic drummer and you can’t fault what he can do! If only we’d all have been this good at his age…who knows how great he’ll be by the time he’s 12? This is a fun and awesome video which has the ‘cute’ factor as well, making it well worth your time!

2. Hyperactive

Maybe this is cheating, maybe it isn’t but either way, we thought it too great not to include! ‘Hyperactive’ is regarded as the best drum solo on YouTube…without any drums! It’s all beatboxing but from a rhythmic perspective, it’s faultless and that’s why we feel it deserves a place here and for you all to give it a watch!

3. Mr Bean’s Invisible Drum Kit

Again, maybe we’re cheating here but you can’t help but find this a piece of comedy genius as a drummer! Many of you are probably already with Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean character but how many of you have seen him play the drums? Here you’ll see him do just that, albeit on an invisible drum kit! It’s a fantastic watch and we’re proud to have it included here!

So there you go…our three favourite YouTube videos this week which we believe all drummers should watch!