3 Fascinating Modern Methods Dentists Use to Fix Your Teeth

3 Fascinating Modern Methods Dentists Use to Fix Your Teeth

In previous decades, dental services were mostly used for periodic cleanings, fluoride treatments, and cavity fillings. When teeth were in very poor shape, they were usually pulled. Dentures were used to replace missing teeth. The services and abilities of the modern professional dental center have evolved tremendously over the years. These are some of the modern treatments that dentists are skilled in and that were not available just a few short decades ago.


Veneers are a thin enamel sheet that looks like the patient’s natural tooth in terms of color and shape. These enamel sheets are custom-made to ensure a natural look in the patient’s mouth. When the veneers are attached to the front of the patient’s teeth, any imperfections are concealed. This includes chips, severe discoloration, minor misalignments and more. Veneers can be placed over a single tooth that has been damaged or even over all teeth to create a gorgeous new smile.

Laser Whitening

Yellowed or stained teeth are common. Discoloration can develop in all teeth with age. Some foods and beverages can also cause staining, such as coffee and dark sodas. Smoking is another cause of teeth discoloration. There are now at-home whitening kits that you can use to improve the look of your teeth, but laser whitening often provides faster and more pronounced results. This technology is increasingly popular because of the fabulous results that it can provide.

Dental Implants

Dentures have been a common way to address the issue of tooth loss for decades. With partial and full dentures, teeth are adhered to the gums superficially, and they can be removed as needed for eating, sleeping and more. Dental implants are a more modern solution. Implants are surgically anchored into the jaw bone to provide a permanent solution. They typically provide more natural-looking results, and they offer health benefits that dentures do not provide. For example, they prevent bone deterioration that may result after tooth loss.

Most of your dental treatments may include the standard hygiene exam with fluoride treatment, x-rays, and cleaning. However, when more pronounced results are needed, you can see that dentists now offer a full range of modern treatments to address your concerns and issues. These are only a few of the many treatments offered by modern dentists. If you have any lingering oral health concerns or cosmetic concerns, discuss treatment options with your dentist. You may be surprised by the exceptional treatment options that may be applicable for addressing your concerns.