3 Great Places To Find An Affordable Car In New Jersey

The convenience of the online market place is such that you don’t even have to leave your house to buy a car. With today’s marketplace, consumers are afforded the luxury of researching, purchasing, and receiving the delivery of a new car without ever having to step foot off their own property. (Dealing with the DMV is a whole other issue!) New Jersey has several great options and plenty of sellers on these websites, with a variety of cars to choose from. eBay, autoshopper, and hertz are three excellent sites for consumers to purchase cars online.


Ebay may seem like a risky place to buy a car, but when you consider that the seller is also assuming a good amount of risk, the playing field is leveled. Most sellers will release the VIN #, and the mileage on the site. There are plenty of assurances in place on eBay, so that it ends up being a much safer way to buy a car than buying it off the street from a neighbor.

There are several advantages to this site – the first being bidding. As with any other item on eBay, you could end up with a real deal! A lot of people selling cars on here will put a reserve price on their listings. For those that don’t, they are either uninformed or just looking to get rid of the car fast for convenience or quick cash. Either way, it’s worth exploring.


For a slightly more straightforward experience, Hertz is a great option. This site deals in used cards exclusively. Whereas with eBay, you have to know more about the car you are looking for, this site is set up with convenience in mind. You can search by make, model, and body type. Also, the site allows you to choose how close to your town the car is located. Two other advantages over eBay are the warranty that is offered (60 days or 2000 miles) and a rent-to-buy option.


Another excellent website for car shopping is autoshopper. This differs from Hertz in that you have the option to buy new cars. Like eBay, you have the option to sell your car through them, but they also do dealer referrals. The search options on the website are very user-friendly. In addition to car feature specifications, there are pages devoted to car insurance and car loan information. This site seems to have all the information available through a dealership, without the pressure of a salesman.

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