3 Important Factors of Event Security

Personal or property security is one of the biggest concerns of every human being. Over the last few decades, the world has become a less secure place, due to the introduction of new methods of terrorism. This is precisely the reason why we need to have proper security arrangements in any important event. There are various companies in different parts of the globe which offer event security services. The security experts, provided by such companies, patrol in and around the event to avoid any kind of theft, terrorism or other unlawful activities. Event security is absolutely necessary during sporting events, musical concerts, political gatherings or any large occurrence which includes important personalities. Let’s have a close look at some important factors about event security guards:


Event security guards without firearms do not require any kind of formal education. However, if a guard is educated, he would be preferred by an event security provider, as he may better be able to communicate with people. The armed security personnel do need a GED or high school diploma. Training does vary from company to company, but it is the job of the employer to train a guard according to their specific requirements.

Armed security guards have to go through a much harder training because even the smallest of mistakes can lead to massive trouble. Such guards must have the understanding of law about using force and should possess firearm safety skills. In many parts of the world, governments issue licenses to guards and renew them from time to time after judging their efficiency level. Event security personnel must be trained in self-defense, first aid and crisis deterrence.


Event security guards are usually stationed at different posts during an event. Some security personnel might operate from the security desk, checking passes, tickets as well as the belongings of the guests to ensure that no unauthorized person enters the premises of the event. In some instances, the guards monitor the happenings of the event through electronic surveillance equipment and they remain alert in case of any mishap. If the organizers are not too confident about the security of the event then guards are asked to roam around the area to prevent any illegal activity. Crowd control is another important duty of an event security guards and they may also have to direct traffic and parking before and after an event.

Working conditions

Event security guards have to work in different conditions which vary from event to event. However, in order to perform the task efficiently, a guard must be extremely tough, both physically as well as mentally. Ensuring proper security at a crowded place can be a massive challenge, which needs a cool head, and such guards are trained to have a balanced temperament. Most time of event security guards is spent on their feet. Usually, the shift of event security personnel is of about eight hours, as they need to be at the venue before anyone else and they cannot leave unless the place has been vacated. There is an element of risk involved in this job, which is the reason why most guards have life insurances.