3 Informational Websites For Members Of The US Navy

As a member of the US Navy, there are certain benefits you and your family will receive, certain information you need to know, certain laws you need to follow and certain ways to behave. Trying to remember all of this information can be tough, especially if it’s not something you use on a daily basis.

Thankfully, you have the power of the Internet to help provide you with any information you don’t know. Instead of just performing a Google search and trusting the answer from the first link that pops up as a result, use the following three resourceful websites whenever you’re in need of Navy-related information or support.

1. The USN Official Website

The Official USN Website contains a great deal of information, and it should be your number one go-to website for information.

The site provides you with a wealth of information about the Navy—everything from its history all the way up to current news. You can learn facts about the Navy, learn more information about the ships found in the Navy, and you can even see what event occurred on the “this day in history” feature.

Since leadership is an important role in the Navy, the official site dedicates a page to all the leaders in the branch. Biographies on all leaders can be accessed through the site, and you can even access tools directly from the Captain.

If you’re looking for additional information, the website also provides you with outside links to information you will find useful, including family assistance, retiree newsletters and much more.

If you prefer media, there is a page on the site dedicated to photos, videos and ads that you can access.

2. Navy Personnel Command

Navy Personnel Command provides a wide array of information for members of the Navy.

First and foremost, there is a great deal of resources available for those searching for a job or interested in pursuing their degree. Since getting paid is important to everyone, there is also information about your paychart, allowances, savings plans and benefits.

The site also contains a reference library, which contains necessary policies, notices, forms, regulations and publications that you need to know.

The Support and Services section may be the most useful. Here, you can locate a variety of resources and services to active and retired members. Everything from tips on making deployment easier on your family to regulations on how to dress appropriately can be accessed through this page. With all the information found here, it’s definitely one to bookmark.

3. Navy League

As a member of the Navy, it’s possible that you are familiar with the Navy League. This league is made up of 50,000 civilians whose purpose is to support members of any sea service, including the Navy and Marine Corps. The Navy League’s goal is to inform citizens and government about the importance of our Navy, ensure that a high level of morale is experienced by service members, and provide programs for naval youth.

Through the Navy League website, you can gain more information about the leage and their overall purpose. You can also learn more about their programs and councils, view PR publications and access information on special reunions.

If you want to become a member of the Navy League, you can also sign up through the website. If you don’t want to become a member but you want to show your support, you can always make a donation.

When you find yourself in need of any type of information or support, make sure to keep these three websites in the back of your mind.

Garrett Payne is in the US Navy.  He enjoys writing about life in the Navy and new robotics technology in his spare time.