3 Most Unique Place To Stay In Haridwar

3 Most Unique Place To Stay In Haridwar

There are about 200 hotels in Haridwar with varying budgets, facilities and others. Starting from Classic Residency to low budget hotels, there are a lot of options for you to stay. But, the most unique and interesting place to stay in Haridwar is the ashrams. Yes, they are economical, but that is not the whole point. You can gain a whole new experience in staying in an ashram. Here are the top ashrams of Haridwar for your vacation in India.


This ashram was first established in 1952. There are a lot of buildings inside this ashram where tourists are allowed to stay at a very low price. The only criterion is you need to book the rooms at 15 days in prior to your visit. You can either book your rooms by downloading reservation form that is available in Dharamshala website or at Haridwar office. There are common rooms and also deluxe rooms. You can also avail cooking facilities inside your room.

The rooms would be available for maximum of 5 days. If you want to extent, you need to contact the office of Dharmashala. Only six people are allowed to stay in a room. The food served in the ashram would be strictly vegetarian. You are restricted to consume non-vegetarian food inside the premises. You would be requested a deposit that has to be refunded when you leave the room.

This ashram is very near to bus stand and railway station. Thus, it makes it easier for you to commute to other places from ashram. You can also watch people perform early morning rituals and other customs. It would be a unique experience to stay in such a place.

Saptrishi Ashram

Do you want an enchanting place to stay in Haridwar? You ought to choose Saptrishi Ashram. This is a very beautiful ashram that is located on the banks of River Ganges. It is just 5km away from the heart of Haridwar. Haridwar railway station is just 7 km away from this ashram and airport at Dehradun is 30 km away. This ashram is very close to Har Ki Pauri. This is an important ghat where people visit every evening to pray. They make small lighted pots to float on the river. It would be an enchanting sight. The temple in this ashram is a tourist attraction.

Kutiya is a combination of two rooms, one bathroom and a kitchen. The price varies based on various facilities inside kutiya. The prices of this ashram are a bit higher than others. But, the environment is very serene and you can find River Ganges flowing right past the ashram. You can bath in the river in the morning and enjoy the nature.

Pets are not allowed and there is no constraint for number of days. You need to pre-book the rooms as there would be a heavy rush during peak season. Non-vegetarian is not allowed inside the ashram and you need to follow decent clothing inside the ashram.

Shri Santosh Puri Yoga Ashram

You ought to visit this ashram even if you are planning to stay here. The ashram is a very serene one. You can find exotic garden with many flowers. There is a meditation room and also rooftop restaurant where you can enjoy sunrise and sunset while you eat. You can find many people practicing yoga every morning. Tourists are also welcome to join in the yoga practice. Many rituals would be conducted in a fire pit every morning and evening. With no regards to the religion and nationality; all people are allowed to watch this ritual. If you visit during any important days like Mataji’s birthday, you can find a lot of other rituals and attractions too. River Ganga is a little away from this ashram. During monsoon season, the river would reach to the gates of Ashram. Itinerary of Yoga tour with Haridwar and Rishkesh for 12 Days is the perfect for a session of yoga.

There are not many rules in this ashram. You are not expected to follow the religion, teaching or any routine of the ashram. It is very flexible place. All meals would be provided by the ashram and it is strictly vegetarian. There are cows in ashram which are taken care by the people there. Tourists are welcome around the cows and kids would enjoy feeding the cow.

Ashram provides single and double rooms. Ayurvedic massages, healing therapy, acupressure and many other therapies would be conducted here. There is a large library for those who want to read. Internet and computer facility are also available. Many workshops for painting, music and others would be conducted every now and then. People are most welcome to join and enjoy. 

These might not be the deluxe hotel you were planning to stay. But, these ashrams would help you to learn more about Haridwar and stay in touch with the local customs. You would be enjoying a lot more in these ashram than in any hotel in Haridwar.