3 Pitfalls Of Low Carb Dieting

There are certainly a large number of fad diets out there, but the low carb diet is amongst the most popular of the group. This diet promises rapid results by simply limiting or restricting carbohydrates while encouraging the intake of proteins and fats. In addition to weight loss, some argue that this diet has many health benefits such as reducing heart disease and improving conditions like diabetes. There are varying forms of this diet, with some severely reducing carbohydrates and entire food groups, while others allow carbs like certain fruits, vegetable and brown rice. Regardless of the type, there are many pitfalls of following a low carb diet.Drastically restricting carbohydrates can have a negative effect on the body. In the initial days of following this program, symptoms like fatigue and mood swings are a possibility. There is also the possibility of mental fog, which means forgetfulness and the inability to focus on tasks. Those who stay on this diet for a long period may experience a weight loss plateau. All of these symptoms are likely to cause dieters to give up before any real results are gained.

Another pitfall may be the consumption of high fat foods and the absence of an exercise regimen. Many feel like the low carb diet gives them permission to eat unhealthy fats and unlimited calories as long as they are low in carbohydrates. Eating too much cheese and bacon is never a good idea. No matter what diet you follow, too many calories will equal pounds gained. Exercise is essential to losing weight and developing a toned and firm physique. All too often, those who restrict carbs feel it is ok to skip the exercise. While some pounds may be lost in the beginning, eventually the weight loss will slow down or stop altogether.

Finally, this type of program is extremely restrictive. Eliminating entire food groups may lead to cravings and binge eating. Whenever a certain food is eliminated for a period, this increases the chance for relapse. Once a relapse happens, individuals may over eat the food they have been avoiding which means gaining back any pounds initially lost. There are many bars and snacks that are designed for the low carb lifestyle, but these are often high in fat and artificial ingredients.

While a low carb program may work for some, the chance for failure, relapse and bothersome side effects are high. It is often best to follow a healthy low fat, low calorie diet that includes exercise several times a week and allows for the occasional treat.

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