3 Places In Ahmedabad Where You Can Read And Eat

3 Places In Ahmedabad Where You Can Read And Eat

Ahmedabad is a beautiful city that sits on the banks of Sabarmati and shares a strong association with Indian independence movement and Mahatma Gandhi. However, the city has transformed a lot since its inception and today it is a popular holiday destination that caters to all.

Ahmedabad, the colorful city sits on the banks of the famous Sabarmati river and infused with history. Due to the many dynasties that ruled the city in the past, one can notice and enjoy the rich culture born out of these diverse amalgamations. The city has also played a pivotal role in India’s struggle for independence; thanks to the non-violent yet powerful movement started by one of the most famous Gujaratis of all time, Mahatma Gandhi.

The glorious past of Ahmedabad has made a mark on the very flavor of the city and this includes food, music, dance and literature. It is obvious that Ahmedabad is an ideal place to visit amid vacation and make it memorable. A large number of backpackers are now heading to the city, even from distant cities like Bangalore; a chief reason for the fact is probably the easy availability of Bangalore to Ahmedabad flights. Irrespective of the place from where you are coming to Ahmedabad, the city is certain to cater to all. There is no dearth of tourist attractions, entertainment, and adventure. Plus, there are some spots that although are not included in a tour guide’s itinerary, yet are worth visiting. The locals here are art lovers by default and the city is home to some of the best cafes where one can celebrate the joy of eating and reading. Here are a few –

The Philosophy Club

Tucked away in a quaint corner in the lively city, this cafe celebrates gender equality. They have books both fictional and nonfictional. The cafe offers the right environment to rejoice the comfort of a good book, without getting disturbed. You can also exchange books at the cafe and anyone is welcome to pick up a book in exchange for another. To top it all, the place is also child-friendly with plenty of books and toys for kids as well.
It is the city’s first vegan cafe, making it a must-visit on the list of any health buff. They offer a lot more than vegan dishes though, including snacks from various cuisines.

Prithvi Cafe

It is one lively cafe bursting with energy, where you can hang out with your friends for hours or have a brainstorming session. There are a wide range of books available here. Their collection of books is impressive. They have an extensive array of books that can be enjoyed by an avid reader or an occasional reader. Their selection has something for all. Make sure that you try their famous falafel and humus.

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Karma Cafe

It is home to the publishing house run by Gandhiji himself. Gandhian philosophy is celebrated in the cafe and it provides a calm and soothing ambiance in the midst of the bustling city. They have a robust library filled with books on Gandhism and an art gallery. The cafe offers a glance on the life of Gandhi and celebrates him in a unique way. If you are lucky, you might catch a live poetry session which is quite usual at the cafe. Additionally, the cafe offers lip-smacking Gujarati snacks and special thalis.