3 Reasons Great Business Cards Are Essential

Many people do not realise the paramount importance of having a good business card. They may feel that business cards are passé or never get used for the intended purpose. When it comes to poorly designed business cards, they are right! Getting the most from your business card means it must be excellent in every regard: Eye-catching, concise and effective. It is hard to overstate the exceptional value that a great business card can yield for you and your business.

A Great Business Card Provides an Immediate “In”

Perhaps you are used to business cards that do nothing but sit at the bottom of your desk drawer. This was the usual fate of old-fashioned business cards. Modern business cards are far more effective at getting prospective customers and business contacts to peruse what you have to offer. Modern cards can include web addresses or even bar codes your reader can scan with a telephone to be directed right to your website. Such “hooks” make it far more likely your prospect will engage with your online presence.

A Great Business Card Makes You Part of a Network

Professional networking is extremely important, especially in a time of global economic peril. When you have a great business card — one that looks as if care and effort have been put into its design — you are more likely to “stick” as part of a prospect’s network. When opportunities arise in that colleague or client’s world, you will be well positioned to hear from them. Networking is a swift way to open the path to projects that create mutual gain. Even if you do not actively network, your business card can do so passively.

A Great Business Card Makes You Look Truly Trustworthy

It is true that people have grown weary of business cards — specifically, bad business cards. You can use this to your advantage by flouting the expectations of your disdainful audience. A beautiful business card makes you look like an excellent contact exactly because of the fact that most business cards are so weak. If your business card is outstanding, it will be kept; if it is kept, it means you will be the expert a contact consults when he or she needs your skills.

Business cards are far from passé — in truth, they can be more compelling than ever before. Advancements in marketing, advertising, printing and the art of networking all come together to ensure your business card is an effective personal promotion tool. Since they are so inexpensive, it is hard to imagine any other investment of a similar stature that offers such enduring benefits. If you do not have business cards yet, it’s in your interests to get a stack soon!

Brett is the owner of a major printing company in Sydney, Australia. He provides some of the highest quality business card printing Sydney has to offer. Away from work, Brett likes to spend time with his family and go mountain climbing and long distance running.