3 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Corner Shower Enclosure In your Bathroom

Whether you are looking at completely refurbishing your bathroom or you are looking at refreshing you existing one, there are many things to consider. With all bathrooms, a shower is one of the most pivotal features within it.

There are a number of options out there and the corner shower enclosure is one. It has grown over the years in its popularity. So if you are undecided and would like some food for thought, here are 3 advantages why Corner Shower Enclosures are better than curtains.

Elegant look
Traditionally, a large shower is generally fancier and more beautiful but nowadays a small shower can also be beautiful and sophisticated for your bathroom.

A key reason that has made the corner shower a popular choice is because it can be more elegant and provide a stylish compliment to your bathroom compared to the regular curtain showers.

There are so many varieties to choose from so whatever your taste in colour and design, you will be sure to find one that is exactly to your taste.

Saves space
A big factor for the rise in the corner shower is owed to the space it can create in your bathroom. They are designed to provide a spacious look if chosen correctly.

It can be a great alternative to optimise the space if you have a small bathroom. Corner showers can be easily installed no matter the shape and size of the bathroom.

The shower pieces can be carried inside and the walls erected, unlike a bathtub, which is harder to install.  A few things that you should take into consideration are the location of the shower within your bathroom.

A helpful tip is to choose an enclosure that will complement the space within your bathroom and make sure that it does not obstruct the windows and door.

Made to last
As there is such large choice to choose from, you will most definitely find a corner shower that suites your budget. Aside from the aesthetics of the corner shower, the material plays a crucial role on the price that you pay.

Corner showers tends to be a little more expensive than your shower curtains but the bi-product of you paying a little more that is that they do tend to last longer.

This is mainly because the frames are made of rust free materials like chrome that are non-corrosive.  Some of the most popular materials used are stainless steel, porcelain, tile and marble.

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Shaun Henderson has been a bathroom designer for past 8 years for a global specialist and believes that Corner Showers are a great investment and space saver.