3 Tips to Help Your Team Implement Medical Manager Software

While making the switch to digital record keeping is becoming increasingly common in this day and age, many medical clinics still cling to old paper filing systems. Fortunately, more and more medical offices are recognizing the importance of using modern software to reduce errors and streamline the work of their staff. Before you fully implement a medical manager software, however, you will need to take a few preparatory steps. Better preparation will lead to better implementation and improved results.

1.      Give Advance Notice

Change is hard in any part of life — but it can feel particularly disruptive when it changes the way we go about our work. Before you take any additional steps, you must inform your team of the pending changes and briefly explain how it will affect their work.

The sooner you can provide this advance notice, the better. Many companies find it beneficial to offer a “heads up” when entering the exploratory phase of deciding which software to use. This will help staff members feel valued and like their needs (and concerns) are being heard.

2.      Provide Training

You can’t simply install a new software program and expect your office staff to have instant mastery of it. This is especially true of software that manages the diverse needs of a medical clinic. Make time to offer professional training on how to use the program and its various features so your staff will be ready once it is fully implemented. Don’t be afraid to offer multiple training sessions during the period leading up to the installation so everyone can feel comfortable with the new program.

3.      Transfer Data

Digital record keeping is highly convenient and efficient — but you still have to do something with your old paper records. Many software providers will work with you to digitize the information you already have on file. Whether the process involves scanning old documents or typing information into a computer, working with your software provider will ensure that no patient records get left behind during the transition. By taking care of this process gradually, it won’t loom as a major burden on the day you fully transfer to the new record-keeping system.


The right medical manager software can completely transform your clinic, from the way you book appointments and bill patients to the way your team accesses medical records. By taking a little extra time to prepare your entire office staff for this change, you will enjoy a streamlined, stress-free transition that will ultimately make everyone’s jobs easier.