3 Waterproof Men’s Watches That Are Ideal For Monsoon Season

3 Waterproof Men's Watches That Are Ideal For Monsoon Season

The perfect watch does not exist. It varies from person to person- their tastes, their choice of style and even their profession. If someone has to work outside in summer and monsoon, or likes to spend a lot of time at the poolside, they most certainly need a watch with water resistance. Many people seem to confuse water resistance with being waterproof – they are not the same thing. You will not find a perfectly waterproof watch under any circumstance, but you will find something close. The diver watches allow around 300 meters of water resistance, which is the most you can get. But not everyone who uses a watch would be diving to the bottom of the pool every day. What you need is a watch with 3, 5 or 10 ATM, providing the watch respectively 30, 50 and 100 meters of water protection. These watches will get you through hand washing, showering, getting drenched in the rain and with the 10 ATM watch, you can even take a swim or a snorkeling session. All the leading watchmaking brands have their products covering every range – you can check them out at https://www.gofynd.com/men/accessories/watches.

Water resistance ratings can be confusing, but once you get the hang of it, you will understand the level of water resistance you need and can choose accordingly instead of picking one blindly. If you are looking to get yourself a watch or thinking of gifting one to the man in your life, keep the season and mind. Here are 3 waterproof men’s watches that are a great choice for the upcoming monsoon season.

  1. Fossil Nate Brushed Steel Watch: The watch has an all-black exterior with a stunning and beastly look. The round matte dial adds up to the glamorous display, and so do the sword-shaped hands. The watch is a quartz one, so that means you will not have to worry about winding it from time to time. The dial is bigger than normal, with a circumference of 200 mm. It is water resistant to up to 10 ATM which means it will be fine up to 100 meters or 165 feet of water. So, not only having to worry about getting wet in the rain, you can even go for casual, light swimming wearing this. But, do not indulge in rigorous swimming sessions or diving or snorkeling with the watch on.
  1. Walrus Analog watches: Walrus has a wide variety of watches to offer in every style and caliber. The bands can vary from metal to mesh to rubber to canvas to leather. Majority of them are more or less safe to use in the water considering that it can come in contact with it due to washing of hands or sweating. The Walrus watches are also protected against rainwater. With these watches, you do not have to compromise with the style, but at the same time enjoy wearing it to anywhere without any fear of causing the watch any damage.
  1. Devotie Chronograph watches: If chronograph is your style, then Devotie has a comprehensive collection of stylish, sporty-looking chronograph watches. The bands come in matte leather or canvas or NATO so that they are not easily hampered in water. The watches itself are water-resistant from 3 to 5 ATM. Keeping in track your date, time and day should not be a problem anymore.

You can dig up more varieties and global brands in the men’s watches section on gofynd.com and find the one suited for your fashion preference.