3 Ways for Health Instagram Figures to Expand Their Platform

Instagram is becoming less of a social media platform and more of a way to utilize business strategies and make passive income. Some Instagrammers do it as their full time job. This is especially prevalent in the health and fitness industry, because Instagram is a great way to track progress and discuss health strategies.

Influencer marketing is bigger than ever and there are constantly new ways to grow your personal brand and your profits via Instagram. Here are some great ways to move forward in this industry and expand your Instagram platform.

Partner with a supplement manufacturer

A crucial way to make money in this field is to connect with brands and products that allow you to offer more to your audience. Working with a brand is a no brainer when you look at the money to be made on social media. Followers are more likely to go to you and buy supplements than to go to a store and take a wild guess at what the best supplements are.

But taking the liberty to start your own supplement business on social media is a genius way to make passive income and capitalize on your trusty followers. A smart idea would be to connect with a successful supplement manufacturer that can provide you with a constant variety of new supplements to market to your audience. If you always have a new supplement launching (or close to launching) at any given time, your profits will remain steady. Take this into consideration if you like to think of your Instagram account as more of a business model.

Connect with an influencer agency

There are many online influencer agencies that make it easier for influencers and appropriate companies to link up. Find an agency that specializes in health and fitness brands. This is a great way for you to connect with the right brands that want influencers like you, and they are a great resource to help you save time and cut out the stress of tracking down a brand which aligns with your platform.

These agencies are often online and cost little to nothing to use. Most of them require that you have at least 5,000 followers on Instagram to use, which makes sense. If you’re short of that number, this gives an incentive to gaining more followers. Taking advantage of these agencies will help you make money quicker than you would without their strategy and services. There might be companies out there that you would never find otherwise. The increased interaction with companies also makes you look even more credible on your social media. It is a win-win situation!

Produce unbeatable content

This may seem obvious, but it is worth emphasizing anyway: producing content which is better than other fitness influencers is a way to get a leg up on the competition. More brands and advertisers will want to connect with you to reach your audience. This leads to you having more options to make money, and potentially the ability to get paid a lot more for posts. Having a steady content schedule may feel exhausting, but will ultimately drive your Instagram to the top of the charts.

Amazing content is what ultimately makes people’s Instagram gain traction. There are slim amounts of influencers out there who post poor photos. That’s why this tip is a no brainer to optimizing your social media growth.

Use these strategies to launch your fitness and health Instagram to the successful state it is worth. There’s no reason to not capitalize on the follower growth that your account sustains!