3 Ways To Make Your Wedding Anniversary Personal And Romantic: Ideas Beyond Diamond Jewelry

They say that true love ages like fine wine.  That love and romance only grows as a couple devotes more and more years of life to each other.  So from that perspective, wedding anniversaries should become all the more romantic and personal as the years pass.  Complexity of emotion and the depth of love should translate to even greater anniversaries.

The Importance of Personalizing a Thought

Unfortunately, in this fast-paced and impersonalized world we live in, sometimes the thought is all that counts, even if that thought is streamlined and incomplete.  And even if you accept someone’s kind thought, that doesn’t mean it’s fully appreciated.  Perhaps you long to be romantic, and know your partner wants romance.  But the both of you seem to feel disappointment when yet another anniversary passes, and all you have to show for it is another dinner tab.

I feel as if we as couples should think about ways to re-personalize and romanticize the wedding anniversary.  While it’s easy to present a set of diamond jewelry as commemoration of the 60th “diamond” anniversary, it’s not always easy to put personal thought into the event.

However, the personal thought are what we really crave.  That’s what you want and that’s what your spouse wants.  Even if you’re all out of ideas, take heart.  Here are at least three ways to make sure your wedding anniversary (regardless of number) will be memorable.

1.    Relive the Details

What was the most romantic moment you can remember?  I’m guessing that your first date with your current partner was among the top three moments of all time.  That was a time when you felt romantic, curious, emotionally attached and perhaps even a little competitive for the attention of your partner.  You can’t go back in time but you can bring that moment back to you.  Why not focus your anniversary theme on recreating the first date?  You don’t have to recreate the scenery exactly as it was.  However, give some thought to the details you remember.

  • What restaurant do you remember?
  • What food did you eat?
  • What were you both dressed in?
  • What did you talk about?
  • Where were you living and what were your jobs?

As you can see, reliving a blast from the past makes for great conversation and is a great mental vacation on which to take your partner.

2.    Enjoy the Memories Through Pictures

It’s one thing to think over the details of a first date, and quite another to actually see what was going on years ago.  Here’s a great way to bring out the visuals: go find some old wedding photos, or some online photo albums of your previous anniversaries.  Relive the past by soaking up static images of what you once were, and where you were at in life.  It makes for intimate personal discussion, regardless of whether you’re celebrating with friends, family or just the two of you.

  • Wedding videos
  • Photo albums
  • Online or hard drive stored photos
  • Old love letters
  • Children’s notes

3.    Write a love letter expressing yourself.

I’m guessing that it’s been awhile since you’ve really expressed your emotions and how you feel about the love of your life.  This is understandable, especially if you’re a guy and have been accustomed to holding back most of your single life.  That said, grand, romantic sentiments are what make anniversary celebrations special.  If you feel you cannot make a show stopping speech, then do the next best thing (or maybe the “best thing” if writing is your strong suit.  Write a love letter expressing how you feel, and how you love your partner as much today as yesterday.  And you get bonus points for comparing your love to something physically beautiful, like diamond jewelry.  The more details you provide the better.

For instance, you could mention:

  • Worries that you used to have, and how your partner has resolved all doubts
  • How your partner completes your life
  • Your spouse’s best qualities
  • The greatest sacrifices your partner has made

A Personal Story

I know I personally associate my courtship days with lush Italian cuisine.  For the first date with my wife, I figured I would impress her by hand cooking her dinner—double tomato bruschetta.  She was impressed and our courtship didn’t last much longer, especially after she learned that I could cook!  So what I did for my private 6th wedding anniversary was cook my wife the very same meal that we first had.  I was also careful to include Tiramisu layer cake, since that was the first dessert plate she ordered on our second date out.  We not only enjoyed good food…we talked about the impressions, feelings and ideas of then and now.

It went over very well, and helps to illustrate my point that it’s not about the money, or about the diamond jewelrythat makes an anniversary special.  It’s about the heart.  And guess what makes the heart all aflutter?  Of course, it is thoughts from the heart about the heart.  So have fun during your next wedding anniversary with a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Mark Harris is a freelance writer and Internet marketer who lives in White Rock, British Columbia.  He is in his thirties and happily married.  He uses his own experiences in dating and marriage to write articles on relationship advice. While browsing the internet for article ideas, mark came across many  jewelry sites such as http://www.LoveDiamonds.net.