3 Ways to Prevent STDs

Though you can choose to become sexually active, you can’t always choose the potential consequences of this behavior. One of the most common — and most problematic — issues that can result from sexual activity is the spread of STDs. Though STD testing in Montreal can be the solution for receiving an accurate diagnosis and sound medical treatment, it is much better to avoid such conditions in the first place. Here is how you can avoid STDs.


Simply put, you won’t be at risk for contracting STDs if you aren’t having sex. For individuals who are not in a long-term committed relationship, the safest option will generally be to forgo sexual activity entirely. Married couples who are faithful to their partner can also enjoy safe sex without the risk of STDs, though both partners should get tested prior to their marriage if they have been sexually active in the past.

Practice Safe Sex

If you choose to be sexually active, your behaviors will have a direct impact on your likelihood of contracting an STD. Remember that individuals who have multiple sexual partners greatly increase their risk of contracting and spreading an infection.

Those who are sexually active should always use latex condoms, which have been found to be highly effective at preventing both unwanted pregnancy and the spread of disease. Partners can also reduce their risk by washing before and after sex, while being mindful not to share underwear or towels. Though none of these methods will guarantee that you won’t get an STD, they can greatly lower your risk.

Get Tested & Treated

If you are concerned about the possibility of you or your partner having an STD, there are several options available. First, you can take preventative steps by receiving the hepatitis B vaccination series. You should also get tested for HIV and other STDs. It is generally recommended that you and your partner undergo this testing each time you become sexually active with a new person.

Individuals who struggle with drug or alcohol abuse should also seek treatment for their addictions. Abuse of such substances can greatly impair an individual’s decision-making ability, which often leads to unsafe sexual behaviors. By addressing all substance abuse, you can ensure that you are always in full control of your actions when participating in sexual activity.


Though abstinence is the only way to completely avoid the risk of contracting an STD, there are still things you can do to prevent the transmission of these infections. By taking responsibility for your sexual well-being, you can stay healthy and avoid potentially serious consequences.