3 Ways To Reduce Your Waist Size

Wouldn’t we all love a narrower waist? You might think you’re stuck with what you’re born with, but think again! Whilst you may never look like Dita Von Teese, there are ways to attain a slimmer waist. The best part? No surgery required!

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1. Eat Right
Okay, I’ll start with a simple one – we all know that your diet changes your body shape so if you’re lusting after a tiny waist, you need to eat a balanced and healthy diet.
Junk food is okay in moderation, but eat too much and you’ll see that waistline start to grow. Base your diet around nutrient rich fruit, vegetables and lean meats and fish.
Remember to drink plenty of water too – if you’re dehydrated your body will cling to that bit of hydration it does have, leading to water retention which causes a bloated waistline. Aim for 6 to 8 glasses per day, more if it’s hot or you just feel thirsty!
2. Waist-Reducing Exercises
You have muscles all the way around your waist so getting these in shape will make them taught and tight, pulling your waistline inwards into a sexy curve!
Try this one – stand with your feet about twice shoulder width apart, stretch your arms straight up in the air and then lean to one side, keeping your arms by your ears. Lean over until you can feel the stretch in your muscles and hold for 10 seconds, breathing slowly. Then go up, lean to the other side and repeat.
Do five repetitions on either side per day to start with, gradually building up as your waist muscles get stronger. You’ll start to notice results pretty quickly!
3. Wear a Corset
Depending on your lifestyle, this might not be the right option for you – waist training with a corset (often called ‘tight lacing’) requires you to wear a corset pretty much all the time. Yes, that does mean sleeping in one!
A proper, steel boned corset can reduce your waistline by 2 to 4 inches immediately and over time, wearing one all the time, your body gradually changes shape to accomodate and you’ll find you can start to wear smaller and smaller corsets.
However, remember that your body has a ‘natural’ shape and will return to this pretty quickly after you stop wearing a corset – the effects are only semi permanent!
The great news for those who don’t want to spend their lives wearing an uncomfortable corset is that they do provide an instant illusion of a narrower waistline so if you just want a tiny waist for a particular occasion, a corset is the perfect clothing choice!
Do you have any other tips on how to reduce your waistline?
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