4 Advantages Of Tiles For Your Home

You’ve been struggling with the idea of renovating your home but you don’t know what to do next. Many people seem to miss the advantages which tiles can offer your home. It’s not restricted to your kitchen floor and can be used in various areas such as the patio, living room and even the bathroom. Here’s why you should use tiles in your house:

Cleans easily

Probably one of the most important characteristics of a tile is that it fulfils the need of being cleaned  easily. Something that won’t steal hours of your precious time when you actually wanted to sit back and relax. Tiles don’t stain as easily as a carpet, which comes as a blessing, since removing a wine stain from a white carpet is a nightmare and wastes a lot of your time and money. Cleaning your tile floor is a treat, you literally take a mop, cloth or squeegee and water to clean up the mess.

A true fighter against a lot of feet

Tiles are resilient and they can take a lot of traffic in your home. If you have an area where a lot of people walk you will be happy to know that tiles definitely can handle it. If it ever should happen that one of the tiles chip or break you can easily replace it. That’s possibly one of the greatest advantages for me of a tile, you don’t have to replace the whole carpet, just one tile and it won’t cost you a fortune.

Diverse in design

Tiles come in many shapes and sizes and that’s why they are perfect for any home, simply because they fit in so easily with any theme or design you had in mind. You can use tiles for the floor and even the wall. You can buy different ones to use for your patio, bathroom, kitchen, porch or fountain design.  Most stores will have a vast selection of colours you can use for your designs and you definitely don’t have to stick with one colour design, since it’s so cheap to buy, you might as well explore your creativity.

Cost effective

As mentioned previously tiles are extremely cost effective. You can buy them in bulk and many stores have great specials for their tiles. Just the idea that I don’t have to tile the floor again because one tile might have cracked is a relief.

Ruan Smit enjoys nothing more than sharing his easy tips and tricks when it comes to using porcelain tiles, kitchen tiles and wall tiles. When you’ve moved as many times as I have you tend to pick up a few tricks along the way.