4 Affordable Changes You Can Make To Bring Your Kitchen To Life

4 Affordable Changes You Can Make To Bring Your Kitchen To Life

We all deserve to love every part of our home, including our kitchen, so if you feel that your kitchen needs a bit of a refresh then you’re in the right place! You don’t have to spend a fortune to transform your kitchen and make it a place you can fully relax in. The kitchen is the heart of the home afterall, so let’s find out about a few affordable changes that can bring your kitchen to life. 

Add Plants

The first thing you can do to bring life to your kitchen if you don’t want to make any major changes is to add plants to the room. Plants bring such a wonderful presence to any room, not only because of the vivid colours but also because of their ability to make the room feel more like home.

Plants can also improve air quality without you even knowing, as well as boosting creativity, productivity, stress and focus. So, start by buying a couple of plants and see how you get on. Chinese money plants, aloe vera and spider plants are all great if you are just starting out with house plants, as they are very low maintenance and survive in different conditions pretty easily! This is an easy and affordable addition to your home decor. 

Paint Your Kitchen Cupboards

Next up, if you’re looking for a more dramatic kitchen transformation but still want to keep it affordable, then painting your kitchen cupboards is a fantastic idea. It is really simple to do and very affordable! 

Start by choosing your paint colour. You could keep it simple with an off-white or cream if you want to brighten the space up or go for something more bold with a navy blue or sage green. Once you are happy with the colour, prep the room by laying down sheets that your cupboards can be laid on. Remove all the doors and drawers and place them on the sheets you have laid down. 

Clean all of the surfaces really well with sugar soap, then sand all of the cabinets down. Give them another good clean to remove any debris and then prime the cabinet with a special primer designed for use in kitchens. Once this has fully dried (follow instructions to find out how long you need to leave it, as it might feel dry but actually needs longer) you can go in with the paint! 

Use a small to medium size brush to make sure you achieve a good level of detail and once complete, again, allow it to dry fully. Depending on the current colour of the cupboards and the new paint colour, you might need to do a few coats. Repeat the process until you are happy with the finish, making sure you allow them to dry fully each time in between! 

You can do this entire process for less than £20, so it is definitely worth looking into if you want a more dramatic kitchen transformation! 

Get Yourself Custom Blinds

This option is a slightly bigger investment, but long term, it can save you a significant amount of money. Custom blinds can completely change the appearance of your kitchen, helping to bring the room to life and you can easily make the room more private. 

As well as the aesthetic appeal, custom blinds are far more eco-friendly, as they help to prevent heat leaving your home in the winter and they help to keep your home cool in the summer. 

If you have more to spend, installing customised blinds is one of the best ways to transform your kitchen. 

Introduce Open Shelving

Last but not least we have open kitchen shelving, very affordable and stylish addition to any kitchen. If you have any wall space spare, consider open shelving. No matter whether the space is tall and thin or short and wide, you can adapt the shelving to the space really easily. 

You can get really affordable shelving from any hardware store and there are so many tutorials online, so you could fit them yourself. Otherwise, it might be worth pulling in a favour from someone who is a bit handier! 

Get creative when it comes to styling your new shelves, as it is a great chance to make use of the new extra storage. You could make it an open pantry with cute glass jars for your dry foods, it could store your favourite mugs or crockery. Shelving can add so much character to your room, so definitely consider this one! 

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it! Transforming your kitchen on a budget is much easier than you might think, so we hope you can take some inspiration from the tips above and fall in love with your kitchen all over again.