4 Affordable Tools That Will Replace Interns And Improve Your Processes

4 Affordable Tools That Will Replace Interns And Improve Your Processes

Most companies hire interns to handle a variety of different tasks. Some interns are in charge of keeping office files organized, some are in charge of telemarketing, and others are in charge of managing social networks.

It doesn’t matter what jobs your interns are in charge of, the following are four affordable tools that will replace interns and improve your overall processes.

1. PayPal Here

Managing money and accepting payments have never been easier. With PayPal Here, you can easily accept payments while on the go. There’s no more need to force your intern to call clients to accept payments over the phone. The device attaches to your smartphone or tablet and allows you to run credit cards through your phone. The money will then be available in your PayPal account the following business day.

The Here device is absolutely free, but keep in mind that you will pay 2.75% per swipe. This is the perfect device for individuals in direct sales or those attending trade shows, so if you’re looking for a way to accept money while on the go, PayPal Here is a necessity.

2. Sign Now App

How many times have you been out of the office when an important document needs your signature? Your intern is then forced to run around town trying to locate you in order to get the document signed, and then forced to run back to the office to provide the document to the necessary party. With the Sign Now App, you no longer need to run your intern wild.

This app allows you to upload a word doc, rich text doc or PDF to the app and send it to anyone you want anywhere in the world. Then, sign the document with your finger, and send the document to the intended recipient via email. It’s that simple, and it will certainly eliminate the need for an intern and keep your business running smoothly even when you’re not in the office.

3. Sprout Social

Chances are your company is using a variety of different social media channels, and chances are you’re putting this responsibility in the hands of an intern. Well, now you no longer have to. Sprout Social is a social media management tool that allows you to track all of your social accounts in one easy-to-use location. You can see your feeds, posts and messages for every account you have, and the tool will also allow you to run reports to see how well (or how poorly) your accounts are doing. Plus, Sprout Social also allows you to schedule posts in advance, which means that you no longer ever have to physically access your social accounts again.

4. Review Trackers

Every business owner knows that their online reputation is important, and since anyone can post anything they want on the Internet, you also know that one negative comment about your company can cause a crisis. Instead of hiring an intern to manage your social accounts, use Review Trackers. This tool scours the Internet for your company name (or other relevant keywords of your choice) and will send you an email alert any time a new mention is located. You can opt to receive these email notifications on a weekly, daily or real-time basis, and you will constantly be in the know about your company’s online reputation, allowing you to take necessary measure to protect it.

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