4 Amazing Christmas Gift Basket Ideas For The Sports Enthusiast

Christmas! It’s a wonderful time of year and we’re now only a couple of months away from repeating all of the regular festivities – which usually includes plenty of time off work, plenty of partying, and of course plenty of overeating. However, Christmas includes plenty of present buying too, and lets face, picking and choosing presents can be a bit of a nightmare. No need to fear though, as almost every household has a wannabe sports hero we’ve put together a few great gift basket ideas that’ll satisfy their sporting needs, all in good time for Christmas.

The Almighty Powerball
Powerball is perfect for any sporty person, whether you’re buying for a budding basketball player or a tenacious tennis player. The Powerball is a great little contraption that improves grip, forearm strength, and overall strength in your arms and wrist.

It has a unique built in gyroscope that really challenges your gripping strength. Plus, it’s great for a little fun competition when you’re frantically trying to outgrip your mates. Just make sure you end up giving it as a present and don’t keep it for yourself.

Sports Memorabilia
Now, there isn’t a sports fan out there that doesn’t have a sporting role model to look up to or a favourite team. So, what better present to buy than a lovely item of sports memorabilia from an athlete or team that they love? It could be a brand new team shirt or an inspirational poster of their favourite sports star. Whatever it is, it is sure to be a thoughtful present.

Shock Resistant Camera
Today, we are blessed with a whole array of wonderful technologies. Among our technological achievements you’ll find a few cameras and video cameras designed for the active minds. These cameras can take quite a battering and aren’t afraid of the rough and tumble that sporting activities can bring. They’re sure to go down a treat too, especially when they get to film themselves triumphing over their best mate.

Soothing Muscle Rub
After a long day of activities our muscles can feel like they’ve taken a bigger battering than a Christmas pudding at the dining table. Sometimes, a hot bath just doesn’t cut the mustard and that’s where the muscle rub comes into play.  This clever substance works its way into the muscles to provide instant warming relief and is sure to be a hit.

Sports Experience Day
There are many companies that offer ‘experience days’. These fun days out can be a great unique gift to give and one that will undoubtedly provide some fantastic memories. It’ll also provide a chance to try out a new sport or meet new friends doing a sport that you love. Have a look around for experience days that operate in your area.

Try this selection of gifts out and you can buy great presents that accommodate practically every sport. Now, go get your Christmas shopping before the stores become gridlocked with manic shoppers.

Stuart Withers is an internet author, copywriter, and SEO pro who is somehow organised when it comes to buying Christmas gifts. He loves giving personalised gift baskets as they make great thoughful presents. He recommends heading over to Your Gift Basket who supply beautiful, empty gift baskets ready to be filled with all of your awesome ideas.