4 Amazing Coastal Cities Of Asia

Asia is one of the most fascinating continents on earth that is of interest to many travelers worldwide. This continent is full of diverse cultures that have been in existence for a very long time. It also home to some very modern cities that offer breathtaking attractions for tourists. The many cities found in Asia today reflect the cultures of the diverse populations that inhabit these areas as well as their significance in the continent. In these cities, you will find many natural attractions like parks as well as social amenities including an occasional massage spa along the way. Here are some of the most popular coastal cities in Asia.


Manila is the capital city of the Philippines. The city has an interesting mix of modern cultures that give it a distinct flavor even though it is in Asia. Influence from former European powers is felt with the Spanish culture having some prominence in the local culture. The city is also much endowed with natural attractions like active volcanoes. Travelers with an interest in ocean activities like exploring marine life will have an opportunity to do so using various transportation means.


Singapore is another Asian city that has a very interesting culture and background. The city is a major financial hub that has had massive success in turning its fortunes over the last couple of decades. The city is very cosmopolitan and serves as a hub that connects the various areas of Asia to the world. This is mainly because of its geographical position which puts it firmly in the middle of the ocean linking two continents. The city has a lot to offer, including fascinating architecture, historical museums and nature.

Hong Kong

This modern city is a major financial hub in Asia. The city is located in the South East of China and is very famous for its skyline. The city is not all about fascinating buildings and business only, however, it is also one of the most important places to visit in Asia if you are interested in sampling various Asian cuisines. Hong Kong is a former British colony which has a very nice blend of modernity and traditional Asian life. For the most part however, it is a very modern city like any other and you can expect to experience a vibrant culture that has many attractions during the day as well a great nightlife. There are also very nice restaurants, museums and even the space for a tantric massage spa to get you back into normalcy.


Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in Asia. Being an important financial city in the world, you can expect nothing but the best of both business and pleasure. Shanghai is located on the central coast of China and has a very modern outlook. For travelers, the city is also a nice place to experience traditional Chinese architecture, to shop for luxury items and to visit the numerous restaurants that cater for all sorts of travelers.

In the overall, all these cities have great coastal life that ultimately define them and give travelers a unique experience.