4 Amazing Health Discoveries In The World Of Medical Cannabis

4 Amazing Health Discoveries In The World Of Medical Cannabis

Plants are where the evolution of medicine started its journey. It shouldn’t really be all that shocking to people that another plant may offer solutions to common health problems. Here are some of the discoveries that are occurring in the world of medical cannabis.

Helps with Alzheimer’s’ Progression

Marijuana has long been known to cause structural changes to the brain. Scientists are now looking into the possibility that these changes can help to slow the progression of mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s. Studies have shown that cannabis can slow the buildup of the protein that is responsible for the progression of the disease. It has also shown some progress with those that have suffered from a stroke. More studies are needed to determine the exact mechanism involved.

Aids in Shrinking Tumor Growth

A startling new study came out that showed that medical marijuana treatment was able to slow or shrink the growth of some tumors. This means that you may not have to suffer from a slow decline from cancer. It also can allow other treatments to be effective if they aren’t trying to play catchup with the cancer cells. This can lead to you having a better outcome with your cancer diagnosis. More studies are constantly being launched to find more amazing properties of this blessed plant.

Controls Side Effects of Chemo

The use of marijuana is showing promise with those that are undergoing chemotherapy. Some of the more unpleasant side effects from the chemo can be controlled through cannabis. This doesn’t mean that you need to smoke it all day long. The best results appear to be in those that only smoke it once or twice a day. Getting high isn’t the end goal. Controlling the nausea and fatigue associated with the chemotherapy may give you the strength that you need to combat the disease.

Pain Management Alternative

There is a growing opioid addiction in the US. Scientists are speculating that instead of prescribing powerful narcotics to control pain, you should use marijuana sparingly. Statistics are showing that in states where marijuana is legal, there are less prescriptions for painkillers issued. This means that you have another alternative when it comes to managing chronic pain.

Many people still view marijuana as an illegal drug that serves no useful purpose. Scientists are working to change how this plant is viewed so that it can be used to fight disease and other health conditions.