4 Apps For Paver Calculations Will Keep You Rocking

Have you ever noticed that some sidewalks, patios, pool decks and other outdoor living spaces look much more elegant than others? The use of pavers, patio stones, retaining walls and edging might be the reason! Pavers and other concrete paving products can help instantly transform nearly any basic space, making your simple backyard patio comparable to the terrace at a beautiful hotel.

Before you make the hasty decision to run out and purchase pavers and stones for your home makeover, consider consulting one of these four apps or asking your contractor or designer to take a look at them for you. The apps will definitely “keep you rocking” and help your home improvement paver project go smoothly.

1. Patio Designer

This iPad app from Travertine Mart is geared toward designers, architects, pool builders, general contractors and paver installers. The app’s 3D Virtual Patio Designer can show you what a deck or patio will look like with pavers and stones installed. You can change the color of walls; apply different colors and sizes of pavers, and more. The helpful Floor Finder tool will help you calculate which products are right for specific areas. You can also use the Finished Projects Gallery for ideas and inspiration.

2. iScape

iScape, for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, comes from Home Revivals. Simply take a photo of your house with your mobile device and start designing your dream landscape. iScape allows you to see what your patio will look like with new textures, pavers, stone walkways, and more. The Insert Objects feature gives you the ability to see what your patio will look like with various pavers, flowers, trees, patio furniture, and more.

3. HardScrape

Also from Home Revivals, HardScrape for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is perfect for professionals as well as homeowners wishing to take the do-it-yourself approach. Instead of guessing what supplies you need and imagining what a patio or other landscaped area will look like upon completion, HardScrape will help you calculate the pavers and rock needed as well as provide images of what the area will look like when it’s finished. Not quite ready to take things into your own hands? HardScrape is a great tool for homeowners who want to explain their vision to a contractor.

4. BuildCalc

BuildCalc from 42nd Parallel is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is an advanced construction-math calculator geared more toward professionals than amateur paver designers. BuildCalc has streamlined the often difficult process of completing plans, layouts and estimating prices. It calculates dimensions in fractional and decimal yards, feet and inches as well as meters, centimeters and millimeters, reducing the amount of excess pavers purchased on accident. BuildCalc has been rated an ideal app for architects, builders, carpenters, contractors, designers, and other tradesmen, making it perfect for anyone designing a backyard patio.

Pavers, stones and other concrete paving products can make just about any outdoor space more attractive, and interlocking patio stones and pavers can also help make the area more durable. Why not improve your home’s beauty and possibly its value with the addition of pavers? The above-mentioned apps can help make your dream a reality.

Meg Jones loves new technologies that help her get projects done around the garden.  She also writes for http://www.landscapingtoronto.ca/Paver on the side.   Stop by for great landscaping ideas.