4 Easy DIY Home Improvements

You’ve been living in your home for nearly 20 years and you walk into the same house over and over again. It’s easy to get comfortable with look of your home and you get used to that same yellow wall with those three ducks in a row who never seem to get anywhere. Don’t you feel like that with your home? Don’t you think it’s time to make some changes and start changing a few things around the house? You’ll feel a whole lot better once you implement a few of these easy changes in your home.


It’s okay, not all of us are home gurus. We need the IT technicians and the Football jock so thats why you need to follow some of these easy steps. Before we start with the other tips we want you to follow this one, stick to a theme for your home. Using a theme makes it easier to buy new furniture and paint. Sticking with a theme helps to pull the overall look of your rooms and your home together, creating some style even when you don’t have any.


One of the easiest DIY’s for your home is to clean your house. Start organising everything on the floor, wash those dishes and start dusting the floor. All of us are tired when we get home and we constantly say “I’ll clean it in the weekend”, but that never seems to happen. Make some time, even if it’s just washing the dishes and you’ll see the big difference an organised house makes.


You most likely had this house for a few years or you bought it from your parents, grandparents or random strangers. When a house is passed over from couple to couple, you’ll notice that the walls never change, the problem is that style and what’s modern does. Buy modern paint and start cleaning up those walls because they seriously need a revamp. The new colours will give your house a modern and refreshed look.


Tiles are an easy and inexpensive way of giving your house a face-lift. Rip up those carpets, grout the floor and start putting down intricate and beautiful designs on your floor. Besides the massive range of colours you will find you’ll also be happy to know that they are durable, easy to clean and have a long life span. Another quick fix for an old home!

Ruan Smit constantly moves from one home to the next, that’s why he has so much to write about home improvements using kitchen tiles, paint, new furnishing and elbow grease.