4 Fantastic Space Saving Ideas For Your Bathroom

Let’s face it; the bathroom is hardly the biggest room in your house. Well, you may be lucky, but if your house is anything like mine then bathroom space is practically nonexistent.  Nonetheless, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home, and for most of us; we have to create space if we want to avoid being penned in like submissive sardines. So, to give you a helping hand (or some practical advice), here are four space saving ideas for your bathroom.

Use ‘upwards’ space
When I started work on my new bathroom I thought in a horizontal fashion. I considered my space to be the width and length of my bathroom, and didn’t even consider the highly important ‘height’ part. Don’t make the same mistake, and use as much height as you can. Items such as towel radiators can be bought in designs that don’t take up much width. And what they lack in width they make up for in height. If you’re struggling to find extra space outwards, then try working upwards!

Make the most of your bathroom door
You know what bathroom doors are great for? Hanging stuff, that’s what. The humble bathroom door can become a safe haven to hang all of your toiletries, or your towels if you lack towel rails. All you need to do is fasten a couple of hooks to your bathroom door, make or buy a nice pouch to keep your toiletries, and use a bit of string to hang your pouch over the hooks on your door. Never underestimate the space saving joys a bathroom door can bring.

Go wild for shelving and cabinets
Shelves and cabinets have saved my space-saving life on many occasions, and there was no exception when it came to saving space in my beloved bathroom.  Cabinets don’t take up much space, and they are a perfect hideout for excess toiletries. If your wife is a toiletry fiend like mine, then you’ll soon find solace in that trusty cabinet. And shelves, well, they are shelves. They’re great for putting bathroom decorations and yet more toiletries on. Plus, they’re unobtrusive and don’t take up a lot of space.

Magic space with mirrors
Ok, I’ll admit it. This last point is less of a space saving idea and more of a ‘space creating mirage’. However, if you have a small bathroom that makes you feel a little claustrophobic, then you may find an unexpected ally in the trusty mirror. Placing mirrors on opposing walls gives off the impression that your bathroom is much bigger than it really is. When you look in one mirror, you’ll see the reflection in the other mirror, which then reflects back on the bathroom. It almost gives the impression that your bathroom is never-ending, even if it is really a just a small little cubbyhole.

Try those space saving ideas out on your bathroom and see what difference they can make. And if you’re ever in need of any handy bathroom accessories, then you’re already in the right place to start looking.

Stuart Withers is writing on behalf of West radiators who offer a range of bathroom accessories.