4 Health Benefits Of Having A Pet In The Family

4 Health Benefits Of Having A Pet In The Family

Many people feel that having a pet adds immeasurably to their quality of life. There’s something gratifying about being met at the door after a hard day of work by a wagging tail or a furry coat brushing against your leg. Scientists are finding that pet ownership does much more than just make you feel good emotionally. There are measurable health benefits from owning a pet. Here are some of reasons that demonstrate how owning an animal companion is a good strategy for healthy living.

Reduced Stress

Pets can lower your stress levels. Lower stress levels help your heart, your brain, and all other organs in your body. Animals are uncomplicated and only require the basic needs and your love to care for them. This simplicity acts as a soothing effect on human beings, producing hormones in the body that help to fight the effects of daily stress.

Lower Blood Pressure

Petting or talking to your pet helps to lower your blood pressure. Lower blood pressure reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, making pet ownership advantageous. Pets are social animals that require regular interaction and your interactions with them is what lowers your blood pressure. The care you put into your pet, is paid back with calmness and ways to relieve your stress.

Increased Exercise

One of the things you can count on with pets is that they will get you up and moving. Dogs need to be walked several times each day. Cats require feeding, grooming and playtime. Even more sedentary animals like reptiles or fish require regular care, such as cleaning cages or tanks. Use this to your advantage!

Allow the extra time required to take care of a pet to be a chance to exercise, just make sure that you have a good collar and walking equipment, like the ones offered by Over Under Clothing. No matter what type of pet you enjoy, the chances are their care will help you to get more exercise, which health experts recommend for good health maintenance.

Fewer Allergies

Instead of pets in the house causing more dirt and allergens, studies are finding that being raised with pets appears to lower the risk of children developing allergies and asthma. The studies suggest that when children are exposed to pets in the early years, they develop a resistance to the bacteria and allergens than are present in their environment. So if you want your children to be allergy-free, have a furry friend or two in the household.

Pets provide unconditional love for families and are a good way to teach children about responsibility and care for others. But having pets can also keep you physically and mentally healthier. The time and effort spent caring for pets can pay off in concrete benefits. Besides providing companionship and acceptance, your pet can also be a great way to improve your health.